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Street cutting and repair is costly, unnecessary and in many areas illegal. Our boring machines offer the solution. Our boring machines save time and money, and bring the savings to your bottom line. Prairie Dog Boring Equipment, Inc. provides state of the art trenchless technology to aid in installation of new or replacement underground pipe and cable. In a world where conservation and protection of the environment have become a growing concern, the opportunity to implement a non-destructive utility installation program is now a reality.

Praire Dog Product Quick View
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Model Weight Capability
140EW 26 lb 2”-5”, 50 feet
500TW 125 lb 2”-6”, 100 feet
500RTW 135 lb 2”-6”, 100 feet
900TW 235 lb 2”-14”, 150 feet
900RTW 210 lb 2”-14”, 150 feet
1200TW 295 lb 2”-24”, 200 feet
700TWA 325 lb 2”-24”, 200 feet
1800TW 395 lb 3”-28”, 300 feet


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