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Vertical Bandsaw

Baileigh’s vertical band saw line consists of three different models ranging in capacity of throat depth and throat height. Each vertical bandsaw comes standard with a powerful industrial grade motor and transmission to last for decades in some of the most demanding fabrication and machine shop settings.

A manually adjusted table can be positioned at the desired angle for the project at hand. Our vertical metal band saw line requires only 220 volts of single phase power, so they can be positioned anywhere in a metal shop or job site setting.

These vertical metal cutting band saws comes standard with powerful air chip removal systems to clean away metal chips as well as cool the blades teeth before the next cut. A blade cut, weld, and grinder station is standard for any possible blade repairs if desired.

All of our metal cutting vertical band saws are made from extremely heavy gauge sheet metal frames using only the finest industrial grade components on the market. These vertical metal band saw machines have been designed and constructed to last for decades of service. Please call your Baileigh representative for further details.

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