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Baileigh Industrial's Band Saws offers customers many choices to best fit their needs. With three styles to chose from horizontal band saws, vertical bandsaws, and a combination of horizontal and vertical band saws in one machine, customers will always find the right saw at the right price. Our bandsaws are built using only the highest quality design and components that allows for some of the tightest cut tolerances and fastest cut times in the industry. The tight tolerances, and fast cut rates make these a real profit maker for any manufacturing setting.


Horizontal Band Saws Manual Pivot Type

baileigh bs-210m single miter bandsaw

7" Round Stock Bandsaw

baileigh bs-250m single miter bandsaw

9" Round Stock Bandsaw

baileigh bs-916M bandsaw

9" x 13 1/2" Bandsaw

Baileigh bs-300M bandsaw

10" x 16-1/2" Bandsaw

baileigh BS-20M-DM Dual Mitering Band Saw
13" x 18" Bandsaw
Dual Mitering




Metal Band Saws – Semi Automatic

baileigh bs-20sa semi-auto down/up feeed - hyd clamp

13" x 18" Bandsaw
Infeed / Outfeed Tables

baileigh bs-24sa semi-auto - down/up feed - hyd clamp

15" x 24" Bandsaw
Infeed / Outfeed tables

Metal Band Saws – Fully Automatic

Other Baileigh Metal Cutting Saws & Saw Accessories

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