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Birmingham Warranty

CP Tools has a one-year warranty under normal working conditions from date of shipment to the first user. Normal working parts such as belts, bearings, and brake shoes are covered 30 days and electrical components and labor for 90 days after installation to first user. At our option, we will repair or replace any defective product upon return; freight unauthorized tampering, misuse or neglect may make this warranty null and void.
Once merchandise is delivered to customer's facility and customer has signed for delivery. Customer has the responsibility for any adjustment and change or damage to the merchandise.
Warranty will be voided if customer uses a phase converter on the merchandise.
Under no circumstances will CP Tools be responsible for any loss or any direct or consequential damage.
If merchandise arrives damaged, customer can either refuse it or take some pictures and attach them on the shipping document. CP tools can file a claim to the trucking company to get compensated.


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