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Chem Grout Specialty Grout Pumps
Complete, include mixing tanks, hoppers, pumps and various power options

CG542 Cable & Rock Bolt Grouter

6C3 Progressive Cavity
3-5 GPM,  261-522 PSI





CG550  Geothermal Grouter
3" Piston Pump
12-16 GPM, 350-400 PSI


CG500 Geothermal Grouter
3" Piston Pump
16-20 GPM,  400-500 PSI





CG550  Bentonite Well Grouter
Rotary Gear Pump
25 GPM, 150 PSI



CG540  Compact Sprayer/Finisher
2C4 Progressive Cavity
8 GPM,  174-261 PSI








CG-555 Rugged HP
3" Piston Pump
12-16 GPM, 700 PSI







 CG-EasyFlo Self-Leveling 	 
2L3 Progressing Cavity
3 GPM, 174 PSI




5-13 GPM, 580 PSI




Delta Mini

2-3 GPM, 220 PSI





CG-400 Remediator
HC 25, 15 GPM, 750 PSI



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