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ICS Diamond Concrete Saws Accessories

ICS Diamond Chain Saw Accessories  
Multiflow Hydraulic Powerpack

 M300-23G-HPP Power Pack

Hi-Lift Performance Vacuum Systems TSS-55 (fits standard drum w/ 15' hose) ICS - Portable Water Supply, 551494
P95-M / P110-M Multiflow
Hydraulic Powerpack 
Power Pack
TSS-15 Hi-Lift Performance Vacuum TSS-55 (fits standard drum w/ 15' hose) Portable Water Tank - PDX
SpeedHook Flow Adaptor  Pipe Clamp ICS Chain Saw Bars ICS Diamond Chains
 SpeedHook System Flow Adapter Valve (8 gpm and 12gpm) PIPE CLAMP, POWERGRIT SYSTEM ICS Bars for ALL Models TwinMax, ProForce and PowerGrit


Hydraulic Chain Saw Accessores
Multiflow Hydraulic Powerpack 599653 P95-M Multiflow Hydraulic Powerpack (Auto Throttle, Electric Start, 5 or 8 gpm)

Datasheet (pdf)
 M300-23G-HPP Power Pack   M300-23G-HPP Power Pack
Hi-Lift Performance Vacuum Systems 73862

TSS-15 Hi-Lift Performance Vacuum (Inc: 15' Hose)

Datasheet (pdf)

TSS-55 (fits standard drum w/ 15' hose) 71285 TSS-55 (fits standard drum w/ 15' hose)

Datasheet (pdf)
ICS - Portable Water Supply, 551494 573285

Portable Water Tank - PDX

Datasheet (pdf)

SpeedHook 528551

880F4 SpeedHook System (Inc: 42" Rail and 880F4 Saw Mounting Bracket)

Datasheet (pdf)

528552 SpeedHook Bracket (880F4)
70554 SpeedHook 42" Rail
70558 SpeedHook Axle Assembly (fits 880F4, 853PRO, 814PRO)
Flow Adaptor 70350

Flow Adapter Valve (8 gpm)

Datasheet (pdf)


Flow Adapter Valve (12 gpm)

Datasheet (pdf)

hydraulic hose 70466 25' Hydraulic Hose

Download the Pipe Clamp Datasheet (PDF)
ICS BARS Click Here for Complete Selection of ICS Bars
ICS Diamond Chains Click Here for Complete Selection of ICS Chain Saw Chains

TwinMax, ProForce, Force4 & PowerGrit


Portable Power for the Professional Cutter

ICS gas operated power packs are a dependable, self-contained source of hydraulic power that offer superior cooling capacity. The functional, ergonomic design makes them easily transportable to any job site

Updated Model P95-M  - New pack replaces the previous P95. New pack offers the same compact and portable design, along with superior cooling and are powered with similar Vanguard 18 hourspower engine.

The signifigant differences are:

  • Power packs are now mechanically governed instead of using an electronic engine control moduale. This design will improve durability in the harsh environments our customers operated in, while reducing longer term repair costs.

P95-M 18 hp (13.5 kW) Powerpack
Affordable hydraulic power with exceptional cooling capability in an easy to carry package. Adjustable for 5 gpm or 8 gpm (20 lpm or 30 lpm) operation.

s-h altSpecifications


  • Briggs and Stratton, 18 hp
    V-Twin, air cooled
  • Electric start
  • Fuel capacity: 7 gal (26.5 liters)

Hydraulic System

  • 8 gpm (30 liters/min) at 2,500 psi (172 bar)
    or 5 gpm (20 liters/min) at 2,500 psi (172 bar)
  • Reservoir: 2.7 gal (11 liters)
  • Relief valve setting: 2,100-2,300 psi (145-158 bar)


  • Length: 33" (84 cm), Width: 21.5" (55 cm), Height: 29" (74 cm)


  • 216 lbs (98 kg) without fluids

Datasheet (pdf)

 M300-23G-HPP Power Pack

 M300-23G-HPP Power Pack

Product Benifits

  • Integrated fuel and oil reservoirs are positioned low in the frame for enhanced stability and manuverability.
  • Variable flow hydraulic valve allows engine to operate at peak performance regardless of flow rate
  • Integrated cooling water circuit regulates operating temperatures and extends life of the hydraulic fluid.
  • Compact dimensions with east-to-access and servce components


Dimensions H 36 in., W 21 in., L 29 in.
Oil Flow 1-14.5 GPM free flow; 12 GPM at 2,000 variable flow control valve
Pressure 2500 PSI
Oil Reservoir 8 gallons, steel reservoir
Weight 450 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 4 gallon steel fuel tank
Engine Manufacturer 24 HP Kohler Engine
Cooling System Air to oil and water to oil cooling systems


Total Slurry Solutions (TSS 15)
Hi-Lift Performance Vacuum Systems

s-h altThe Total Slurry Solutions (TSS) Hi-Lift Performance vacuum systems provide an easy way to contain and dispose of the slurry produced when wet-sawing or drilling in concrete, masonry or stone materials.


  • Polyethylene tank, won't dent or corrode, (actual fill capacity 15 gallons)

TSS 15/55

  • Hi-Lift, 105 inches of water-lift, 112 cfm
  • 2 hp bypass motor
  • 110 v/60 Hz
  • Float assembly with auto shut off

Datasheet (pdf)

Datasheet (pdf)

ICS - Portable Water Supply, 551494

Portable Water Tank

Click here to download datasheet

When water isnt readily available, this corrosion resistant poly tank provides the solution. Able to hold up to 25 gallons, this tank offers the required pressure and flow that ICS saws require. The diaphragm High-Flo pump provides 1.8 gpm at 60 psi and comes with molded alligator clips for 12v battery hookup. Comes with a whip fitted with a standard hose end, ready for any regular hose you desire.


  • Portable
  • Easy to transport
  • Fits a regular hose
  • Battery operated
  • Capacity: 25 gal
  • Pump Output: 1.8 GPM / 60 PSI
  • Power Supply: 12 volt, gator clip hookup
  • Tank Construction: Corrosion Resistant Poly


Reduce Operator Fatigue and Extend Chain Life with SpeedHook

SpeedHook is an ingenious accessory designed to support the weight of ICS saws, dramatically reducing operator fatigue, ensuring straight cuts, and extending chain life. Attaching quickly and easily, SpeedHook is convertible to left-hand or right-hand operation, and expandable with 42 in (107 cm) sections. SpeedHook has been redesigned to include a new plastic cam to ensure even straighter cuts with less operator know-how.

Download the SpeedHook  Datasheet (PDF)

Important: The NEW SpeedHook  is only available for ICS hydraulic saw models 853PRO Series, 880F4 Series, and the 814PRO.







Features and Benefits

  • Extremely Inexpensive (Compared to wall saws)
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Accurate, Straight Cuts in Deep Walls
  • Lightweight 18 Lbs (8 kg)
  • Adjustable Two Anchor Mounting
  • Convertible Left or Right Side Use
  • Expandable 42 in (105cm) Sections
  • Effortless Vertical and Horizontal Sawing
  • Stable Cutting Increases Diamond Chain Life
  • Laser Cut, Heat Treated, Plated Construction


Flow Adapter Valve

Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of powering your ICS hydraulic saw from skid steers, backhoes, and other common construction equipment. Available for both 8 gpm and 12 gpm (30 lpm and 45 lpm) saws

s-h alts-h alt


880F4/PG Pipe Clamp Accessory

In addition to the time saving value of PowerGrit® technology, the pipe clamp accessory developed for the underground pipe application brings a whole new level of safety, accuracy and ease of use to the job. With a simple adaptor, you can mount to this clamp and dramatically reduce the effort of handling the saw, while providing a solid, stabile cutting platform that also improves operator safety and the precision of the cut.

Download the Pipe Clamp Datasheet (PDF)

  s-h alt

s-h alt


Click Here for a Complete Listing of ICS Bars, TwinMax, ProForce & PowerGrit Chains

FORCE4 Diamond Chain Technology

From the company that revolutionized concrete saws comes a revolution in diamond chains: FORCE4. Designed to be the strongest, longest lasting diamond chains ever made, the ProFORCE4 series delivers unrivaled performance in professional cutting applications.

TwinMAX Series Diamond Chains

Designed to be used with the full line of ICS gas powered chain saws (except 633F4), these chains offer the ultimate combination of versatility and affordability. Named for the patented double-bumper design, TwinMax chains feature smooth cutting performance and easy installation.

PRO Series Diamond Chains

Engineered for use by professional sawing and drilling contractors, PRO series diamond chains stand up to the demands of heavy use.



PowerGrit - Never Cut Pipe the Same Way Again

  • Available in 16"(40cm) for the gas powered 695
  • Available in 15"(38cm), 20"(50cm) and 25"(63cm)
    for the hydraulic powered 880
  • Cuts Ductile, Cast Iron, PVC, HDPE Pipe and Insituform Pipe Lining

Product Datasheet (pdf)



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