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IMER Masonry 350 Gas Up


imer masonry 350 saw

MASONRY 350 Gas Up! 14inch
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Brick, Block and Paver Saw
The new MASONRY 350 Gas Up is destined to become the standard by which all 14 inch gas powered saws are judged. Vibration free performance combined with unsurpassed accuracy make this a saw for every jobsite!

Plunge cuts are smooth and precise as the cutting head pivots on sealed roller bearings.

By using a Honda motor equipped with gearbox drive we have eliminated the old timey jackshaft reduction system. All the vibration and maintenance hassles of the jackshaft belt drive system will not be missed… hasta la vista baby!

Tips for Sawing
WD-40 is great stuff! You can safely spray it all over your saw. It is great to clean and lubricate rollers, travel bars, and pivot points.

Blade dia 14 inch
Blade shaft dia 1 inch
Max. cutting length 18 inch / 22 inch w/plunge cut
Max. Cutting depth 90/45 degrees 4 3/4 inch / 2 1/2 inch
Cutting table dim. 20 x 16 inch
Weight (palletized) 230 (250) lbs
Engine rating 5.5 honda
Blade speed 2,450 rpm
Water pan capacity 8 gal
Self-priming centrifugal pump 3 gpm
Operating Dimensions (boxed)
Length inches 47 (47)
Height inches 34 (34)
Width inches 58 (54)


MASONRY 350 Gas Up 14 inch
The rigid single arm design allows clearance for all sorts of irregular shaped materials.

The Honda 5.5 hp oil bath clutch engine provides smooth consistent power cut after cut, day after day.
The water pan is made of an extremely strong thermal plastic material, light yet very impact resistant. This pan can take it.
The Box steel frame combined with the dual rail cutting tray roller system ensures an accurate saw for years to come.
The protractor is a full sized stainless steel constructed guide, the cam actuated locking mechanism keeps the protractor in place at all times, accuracy is guaranteed.
Wheelkit Standard
The legs slide up and away for easy transport and storage. While the wheelkit attaches to the rear legs, this allows the saw to be rolled around by one person.


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