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Pacer TA6002 Thermo-Anemometer

Pacer's Model TA6002 (Thermo-Anemometer) is a versatile instrument for measuring air velocity and temperature. Special features include the ability to switch between Feet Per Minute (FPM) and Meters per Second (m/s) or between F and C.This unit includes a pause feature so the display can be frozen when reading readings. Also, it can indicate the average air velocity reading over 1 second (fast) or 5 seconds (slow). This instrument is a must for anyone needing to measure air velocity with a small diameter probe. Specific applications include in duct readings, air balancing and many others where air velocity and temperature measurements are essential.


  • Display switchable in m/s or ft/min(FPM) for air velocity and F and C for temperature
  • Easy replacement of probe without recalibration
  • Average measurements over 1 or 5 seconds for air velocity
  • Display pause for easy reading of measurements
  • Small and lightweight

Available Options:

  • Extra air probes
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