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Phase II Deburring Tools

Deburring Tool


  • High Speed Steel And Carbide Blades

  • Heavy Duty Construction

  • Used For Internal And External Deburring Depending On Blade Positions

  • Will Reach Holes As Deep As 5" With Telescoping Blade Holder

  • Handle is Knurled For A Firm Grip

  • Utilizes The "B" Style Deburring Blades

STOCK NO. 360-100

Heavy Duty Deburring Tool


  • Based On The Same Design As Model 360-100, Yet It Is Fortified With A Stronger Handle, Stronger Blade Holder And Bigger Blades.

  • Utilizes The "E" Series Deburring Blades.

STOCK NO. 360-101

Throw Away Deburring Tool


  • Uses A Built-in E-100 Deburring Blade

  • Fully Disposable

  • Weight 0.12 lbs.

STOCK NO. 360-104

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