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Phase II PHT-1340 Portable Hardness Test


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  • Combines the special impact device DL and a data processor in a single unit.

  • This model features a needle front section with a diameter of 4mm and a length of 50mm.

  • It is suitable in testing the Hardness in extremely confined spaces, the base of grooves and of special components such as gear wheels.

  • This Model Is Designed To Test Steel/Cast Steel Only!

  • Automatically computes all Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell, or Shore Hardness values of steel and cast steel components.

  • The impact direction can be set so that accurate values can be achieved at different angles.

  • The instrument must be set down perpendicular to the measuring surface.

  • Statistical mean value can is automatically provided.

  • Real time printing or batch printing is possible by means of the optional printer, model # MP-2100.

  • This model comes with a calibrated test block, plastic fitted case, battery charger and instruction manual.


Integrated device DL
Test tip Tungsten carbide
Accuracy +- 1.5%
Hardness conversion to HRC, HRB, HV, HS, HB
Material Steel and cast steel
Power 2 x 3 .6v NiMh rechargeable
Operating temperature 32-122 degrees F (0-45 degrees C)
Dimensions 6.1 x 2.1 x 0.9in. (150 X 22 x 53mm)
Size of DL device 50 x 4mm (LxD)
Weight 0.4lb (130g)


FIELDS OF APPLICATION: Steel and Cast steel
Vickers 80-940 HV
Brinell 80-650 HB
Shore 30-97 HS
Rockwell 20-68 HRC 37-100 HRB



Steel and cast steel
Max. Hardness sample 950HV
Surface roughness Ra <0.25 m m (ISO N7)
Min. weight compact shape 5kg
Min. weight on support 2kg
Min. weight coupled on plate 0.1kg
Min. thickness coupled on plate 3mm
Min. thickness of layers 0.8mm

Included Accessories

  • Calibrated test block

  • Plastic fitted case

  • Battery charger

  • Instruction manual

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