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Safety Speed Cut Panel Saw Accessories 2

Hold Down Bar
The Hold Down Bar keeps thin and flexible materials firmly against the machine frame for accurate, easy and safe cutting. The Hold Down Bar features spring steel fingers with non- marring rollers to reduce vibration and flex while cutting thin materials.

Part # Models
H440 C4, H4
H550 H5
H660 H6
6440 6400, SR5, SR5U, 3400
6840 6800

Fixed & Folding Stands
The Fixed Stand allows the machine to free stand anywhere in your shop. The tripod design minimizes the effects of the most uneven shop floor while holding your machine at the optimum
angle for stable material handling and cutting.

Part # Models
H20 C4, H4, H5
H22* C4
H25 H6
6420 6400, 3400
6820 6800
SR20 SR5, SR5U
* Folding Stand
Brings your small panel work to waist height. Reduce back fatigue while cutting quantities of small panels on your machine. The MID-WAY FENCE™ system uses removable fence supports on both the left and right of the machine center. Included is a stop block riding over recessed gauges for setting stops for repeat cuts.
Part # Models
C6470 C4
H6470 H4, H5, H6, 6400, 6800
3470 3400

Specialty Saw Blades
We offer a wide range of high quality Saw Blades for various applications. These blades are carefully selected for optimal performance while cutting a variety of materials from plywood, plastics, composite panels and aluminum.

Part # Description
8200HG Plywood/polycarbonate
848ATB General purpose wood
848ATBL Premium wood
860ATB Fine wood, foam core
860TCG Synthetic materials, plastic
860NRATB Melamine, laminates
860NRTCG Non-ferrous metal
860TCGS Premium plastics, thin aluminum
880ATBL Veneer, fine wood, foam core
880TCGL Thin Plastics
Accessory Packages
We offer three unique accessory packages that will allow you to customize your machine to best suit your operation at a reduced cost. We know from customer feedback and our own experience that the right accessories can dramatically expand the efficiency and versatility of your panel saw.
Gold Package
Customized to maximize the benefits for cabinetry and furniture shops. Includes:
  • QUICK STOP™ Gauge 8 ft.
  • Saw Blade, 860NRATB for melamine, veneer and laminates
  • Fixed Stand
  • Wheels
Silver Package
Customized to maximize the benefits for crating and packaging shops. Includes:
  • Dust Collection Kit (Vacuum additional)
  • QUICK STOP™ Gauge 8 ft.
  • Saw Blade 860ATB for fine wood
  • Fixed Stand
  • Wheels
Bronze Package
Customized to maximize the benefits for building component shops. Includes:
  • QUICK STOP™ Gauge 5 ft.
  • Saw Blade 840ATB1 for general purpose wood
  • Fixed Stand
  • Wheels
Part # Gold
Part # Silver
Part # Bronze
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