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USI CW 32200 Lathe


The bed is of large width, the side wall of the bed is constructed of double-rib plates, and internal rib plate consists of box-type bevel ribs.  The rigidity of this type of lathe increases by up to 1/3 times as compared to other styles.


Load strength is impressive.  A workpiece weighing 6,000 lbs (this rating for 120" Center) can be worked with the chuck only, no steady rest support.  Using one steady rest this can be increased to 7,000 lbs and using two steady rests or a steady rest and tailstock support an 8,000 lb workpiece can be turned.  Permissible cutting force (PZ) is 21372N, and (PX) is 7845N.  Size/accuracy of machining is up to Grade II.


These lathes are suitable for general turning such as internal and external, taper turning, facing, cutting Metric, Inch, Module, and Diametral threads, and are also used for drawing oil grooves and keyways.


The forward and reverse rotation and braking of the spindle are hydraulically controlled as well as the lubrication of the headstock and feed box.


Operations are concentrated.  On the Apron is the Rapid 4-Way Control and this single lever also activates taper cutting through power to the tool compound (32" only, 25" has a standard factory installed taper attachment) for short tapers, and when in concert with longitudinal motion for long tapers.

The construction and rigidity of transmission are higher than those of universal lathes.  Precision is repeatable and yet heavy duty cutting can also be obtained.  Guideway which is made of ïÅÅFQ-1" wear-resisting, inlaid materials allow for smooth and nimble carriage motion and extends the service life.  A lubrication system circulates from the external independent storage tank which maintains better flow, cleaner lubricity, and ultimately increases precision as well as longevity.


Spindle bore will handle 4" bar stock and the machine is neat, functional, rugged, easily maintained, well conceived, and easy to keep clean.

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Swing Over Bed 31.5"
Swing Over Cross Slide 18.9"
Swing Over Gap 39.4"
Length Of Gap 39.4"
Center Distance 200"


Spindle SpeedsâÄëNumber 18
Spindle SpeedsâÄëRange 5.4âÄë720 RPM
Hole Thru Spindle 4.09"
Spindle Nose Type D1âÄë11


Threads Per Inch (#) Range (26) 1âÄë14 tpi
Metric Threads (#) Range (50) 1âÄë240 mm
Module Threads (#) Range (53) 0.5âÄë120 mm
Diametral Pitch (#) Range (24) 1âÄë28


Cross Slide Travel 19.7"
Maximum Travel of Top Slide 7.9"
Rapid Speed of Carriage 157"/min


Travel of Spindle Barrel 9âÄë87
Taper of Center Sleeve MT #6
Taper of Center MT #5


Width Of Bed 23.6"
Hardness of Bed (Rockwell C) 52
Main Drive Motor 15 HP
Rapid Motor 1.5 HP


W X H X L ON SKID 6' X 6'6" X 25'4"
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  • 3âÄëJaw Chuck (16")
  • 4âÄëJaw Chuck (24")
  • Follow Rest
  • Lighting System
  • Face Plate
  • Steady Rest
  • Coolant System
  • Hand Tools
  • Built in Tapering With Power Top Slide
  • One Year Parts and Labor Warranty
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