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USI ZC 1980 Lathe

This is a fully geared headstock, gap-bed lathe with precise, hardened and ground gears, each gear thoroughly tested for accurate tooth configuration and flank engagement to insure optimum quietness and smoothness.  The drive and brake are achieved through mechanical "multi-disc" clutch system.  The precision ground spindle is supported by three tapered double roller bearings and features D-Cam lock mounting.  The gearbox is totally enclosed and is designed so a preponderance of standard and metric threads and feeds are attainable without gear change.  The carriage has extended range, with T-Slots for accommodating special tooling.  Nuts for elimination of backlash are externally adjustable, heavy duty taper attachment generates tapers of +/- 15 degrees up to 22 inches.  The apron has overload protection.  Bed way is of high grade, alloy cast iron, aged and normalized for maximum stability, with chrome bearing ways.  Heavy cross ribbing of the bed frame produces extra rigidity and dampens vibration.  Other features include dual spindle control levers, two-speed tailstock, micro-cutout chuck guard, four way rapid travel, safety interlock, forced lubricated head-stock, all which shows that this lathe comes with a formidable list of desirable features and standard accessories.

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Swing Over Bed 19"
Swing Over Carriage 10 5/8"
Swing in Gap 27"
Length of Gap 15 ½"
Width of Bed 14"
Spindle Bore 4 1/8"
Spindle Type D1-8 Cam lock
Spindle Speeds 12 Choices
Spindle Speed Range 19, 12-1500 RPM
Cross Slide Travel 11"
Tool Slide Travel 5 ½"
Tailstock Travel 8"
Tailstock Diameter, Taper 3", 5MT
Inch Threads  58 Kinds, ¾-92 tpi
Metric Threads 35 Kinds, 0.25-23mm
Module Threads 56 Kinds, 0.25-115mm
Diametral Threads 56 Kinds, 1 ½"-184 dp
Longitudinal Feeds 56 Kinds, 0.0235-2.84 mm/r
Cross Feeds 56 Kinds,  0.012-1.42 mm/r
Lead screw 4 tpi
Main motor 10 HP
Coolant, Rapid Motors 90W
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  • 3-Jaw Chuck
  • Face Plate
  • Follower Rest
  • Coolant System
  • 4-Jaw Chuck
  • Steady Rest
  • Turret Carriage Stop
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