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USI ZC 26120 Lathe

This Precision, Heavy Duty Engine Lathe incorporates hardened and precision ground bedways on longitudinal and cross ways, and wide, precision-ground gears thru ought.  It is gap-bed design, has feed-rod/lead screw safety interlock system, weight bearing tail-stock, forward-reverse levers at both the aprons and the headstock.  As with all U.S. Industrial lathes, it comes with a full complement of standard accessories, 3 and 4 Jaw Chucks, Follower and Steady Rests, Taper Attachment, Coolant System, 4-Way Rapid Traverse, Operator/Splash Protection, Work Lamp, "T" Slot Compound, Change Gears, Operator/Svc. Manual.

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Swing over bed 25.98"
Swing over Carriage 15.16"
Swing over Gap 33.85"
Gap Length 11.8
Width of bed 19.29"
Spindle Bore 4.134"
Spindle Type D-11 Camlock
Speeds, No./Range 18/14-900rpm
Feeds:  Long./Cross 72 kinds 048-22.8/.016-7.6
Inch Threads, No./Range 37 kinds/1-28 t.p.i
Metric Threads, No./Range 54 kinds/1-240mm
Diametrial Threads, No./Range 27 kinds/1-30 t.p.i.
Module Threads, No./Range 45 kinds/0.5-60 DP
Cross-slide Travel 15.75"
Tool Compound Travel 9.06"
Tail-stock Taper Mt 5 or 6
Tail-stock Spindle Travel 8.07"
Tail-stock Spindle Diameter 3.94"
Main Motor HP 20 HP (220/440V)
Rapid Feed Motor 1/6 HP
Coolant Pump Motor 1/8 HP
Lathe Net Weight 11,660 lbs.
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