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Auto Dolly Trailer Jack Attachmanet

The Trailer Jack Dolly provides a capture for your trailer jack or trailer jack wheel. With a pair of The Auto Dolly under each trailer wheel and one with the Trailer Jack Attachment under the jack, your trailer (and load) can now be moved in any direction (even sideways). Preserve precious floor space by storing it closer to the wall than you could hope to safely and conveniently get it by jockeying it around on your hitch! The Trailer Jack Dolly Attachment also preserves the life of your trailer jack wheel, which is often the weakest link.

Available to fit the Standard or Heavy Duty Auto Dolly

The big difference between the Standard and Heavy Duty Auto Dolly is in the caster type and size. The Tire Dolly attachment will work on either the 12 or 16 inch Dolly (Standard or Heavy Duty).

Standard vs Heavy Duty Casters:

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The Auto Dolly has quickly become one of the handiest tools in garages, shops, and showrooms across the country. It was designed to allow one-person to move automobiles, trucks, boats and trailers, lawn mowers, jet skis, motorcycles, airplanes, and most other heavy vehicles with ease. Gain precious floorspace by moving items right up against a wall or into a corner!

The Auto Dolly is placed under each tire of the vehicle, making the vehicle a rolling cart that will now roll in any direction with ease. The large roller bearing casters make it simple for anyone to move the vehicle in any direction

Engine Dolly Attachment Features and Benefits:

  • Easily attaches to our 12 inch Auto Dolly either a Standard or Heavy Duty.
  • Can be used alone OR in combination with our Auto Dollies under your trailers wheels.
  • Extends the life of your trailer jack wheel assembly, which is ordinarily the “weakest link.
  • When used in combination with under-trailer-tire Dollies you are saved the effort, time, and frustration of jockeying your trailer back and forth. Even move it SIDEWAYS to free up maximum floor space.
  • Captures wheels 8 inch diameter, and smaller.
  • Facilitates shop order and easier, more complete floor cleaning.
  • Durable welded steel construction
  • Free up precious floor space in your shop or garage
  • Red painted finish

s-h alt The Auto Dolly products and Specialty Tools are made right here in the USA. That means that we can make our products from the rugged materials necessary, without worrying about how much it will cost to move those materials across an ocean. This allows us to deliver a far more durable product and get it into your hands faster.

Models And Accessories
M998086 Auto Dolly Trailer Jack Attachment

Mfg. item #: M998086
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