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Baileigh Programmable Tube & Pipe Bender


Computer Programmable Rotary Draw Benders

Baileigh computer programmable tube and pipe benders or rotary draw benders are manufactured here in the United States in a state of the art production facility using some of the best components and designs in the industry. Baileigh's computer programmable rotary draw benders utilize fantastic designs that are easy to use for bending square, rounds, solids, and much more.

The RDB-250 rotary draw bender requires 220 volts of single phase power and can bend up to 2" Schedule 40 pipe, 2" square tubing, and 2-1/2" round tubing. The RDB-250 tube bender has a 9" maximum CLR, while the 325 series has a 16.5" maximum CLR on 2? schedule 80 pipe. These are the perfect tube bending machines for auto chassis, hand railing, structural, marine, and so much more. The RDB-250 and RDB-325 have programmers that allow for bending solids up to 360 degrees, left or right, as well as tubing up to 180 degrees plus spring back. The programming units on this rotary draw bender can store up to 170 unique programs with up to 10 bends per program.

The RDB-350-TS tube bender have large 24" maximum CLR's. They require 220 volt single phase to operate and have a bending capacity of 2-1/2" Schedule 40 pipe capacity and 3" round tubing capacity. This is a perfect square tube bender for applications up to 2-1/2". The RDB-350-TS tube bender has a touch screen programmer that can hold up to 170 programs with up to 10 bends per program. These tube bending machines offer a lot of capacity for a small investment using a simple design that everyone can understand.

Our computer programmable metal benders use industrial grade gear boxes, industry standard electronics and all steel construction making them work at maximum capacities with little effort. Baileigh tube benders are built for decades of profitable use. If you have further questions about our tube bending machines, please contact your Baileigh Industrial representative. This fine line of metal working machinery is typically in house for quick shipments.

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