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Burr King Accessories

Grinder/Buffer Wheels

Dust Collectors

Belts & Discs

Grinders/buffers capability is readily expanded by selection of the best contact wheel/buffing wheel diameters, widths, hardnesses and face geometrys are available-55 shore,  for general purpose grinding, 90 shore serrated for heavy grinding. Numerous nylon wheels. buffing wheels and specialty wheels are available. Burr King dust collectors use space saving cabinet design. All Burr King grinders/buffers may be coupled to these efficient dust collection systems. Select the BK75 for portability or the BK100 for two grinder/buffer, fixed installation Abrasive belts and discs in various dimensions, frit types, and backing are available. Finishes from mirror to grain are possible. Material removed from slight to rapid and heavy are possible provided the proper abrasive, backing, surface speed, and equipment are selected. Consult with the factory for specific applications.


Dust Scoops

Parts Containers

Various media is available for processing ferrous, non-ferrous, plastics, and other materials. Finishes from sparkling clear to matte are possible with the proper selection of media and  compounds. Specialty medias include ceramic, synthetic, plastics, cobs, shells, etc. Dust scoops are available for all Burr King models Media/Parts Separating Screens and Containers
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