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Burr King Belt Grinders


Prosumer Line
The Prosumer line is especially designed for professional consumers that border on the line of being consumers and professional users

"Velvet Touch" Three Wheel Belt Grinders

Burr King's family of three wheel grinders provides maximum versatility. Contact wheel, platen, work rest support, and loose belt grinding. Precision controlled with positive belt tracking, quick belt change, and linear belt tension.
Constructed of rugged cast aluminum and precision machined components, every
Burr King grinder delivers unexcelled grinding performance and reliability.

 "Velvet Touch" 960 Series Two Wheel Belt Grinders
Burr King's family of two wheel grinders provides vigorous contact wheel, workrest,
and platen grinding in a frame design that pivots to ideal work positions.
These machines are frequently selected as tool post grinders, roll grinders, and for fixturing into centerless grinding applications.
Available in easily adjusted variable speed and aggressive single speed, 2-1/2" x 60" or 4" x 60" belt models.

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