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Everett Metalworking Saws

Dry Cutting Machines:  Abrasive Cutoff us flag

Dry abrasive cutting machines are available in a range of sizes from 8-inch to 26-inch wheel diameters. We offer hydraulic power head and wheel wear compensator models to improve cutting productivity for the 14-inch to 16-inch size range of an abrasive cutoff, as well as the 20-inch to 22-inch and the 26-inch.

For a smoother, faster cut, oscillation is available on our 20-inch saw (optional) and standard on the 26-inch dry cutting saw models. Some manufacturers use our dry abrasive cutoff machine to cut golf clubs, food preparation equipment and railroad tracks.
Click the links below for the size you're interested in for your application that needs an abrasive cutoff saw.

Dry Cutting Machines:  Mitering Cutoff / 3. 5. 7.5, 10 & 20 HP Models
10" to 22" Blades
1.5" to 6"  - @ 90
1.25" to 4" @ 30 - 45

Dry Cutting Machines:  Double Mitering Cutoff Saw / 7.5, 10 & 20 HP Models
14" to 22" Blades
2" to 6" @ 90
1.75" to 4" @ 30 - 45

Wet Cutting Machines: Wet Abrasive Cutting Saws us flag

Wet Abrasive Cutoff Machines are available in a range of sizes from 10" to 26" wheel diameters for all types of metal cutting or steel cutting. Typical wet saw cutting speeds are 30 seconds per square inch of material based on applications.

These wet saws have the capacity for exotic alloy cutting, metallurgical cutting, copper cutting, brass cutting and stainless steel cutting.

Wet Cutting Saws:  Abrasive Cutoff Saw
10" to 26" Blades / 1" to 7" @ 90

Wet Cutting:  10" Wet Abrasive Mitering Machines
10" Blade / 1" to 2"  @ 90 & 1.25" to 1.75" @ 30 - 45

Cutting Machines:  Special Abrasive Cutoff us flag

Everett Special Abrasive Cutoff Machines are available in three specifically engineered configurations.
Select the special machine that fits your specific needs.

Dry Cutting Machines:  Non-Ferrous Cutting us flag

Our non-ferrous cutting saws are used to cut aluminum, copper, brass and plastic with solids up to 2" and shapes up to 4" diameter using HSS and carbide tipped blades. Our most popular non-ferrous saw is the is fast, precision cutting 12-14" multi angle saw.

** Many of the Everett WET Saws can be used as Non-Ferrous Saws if we replace the abrasive blade with a tooth blade. 
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