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Oliver 10 inch Intellicarve 3D

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10 inch IntelliCarve 3D with lathe 10 inch IntelliCarve 3D Attachment

This item has been discontinued
New Model is the Oliver 1013

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  • Can do almost 80 percent work 3D printer can do and more!
  • With dedicated CAM  iPicture 3D supporting STL, IGS file formats.
  • Standing alone machine with MCU control core, simple structure and easy to operate, with USB port.    
  • Compatible with various lathe fixtures (1inch-8TPI chucks and  MT2 live centers)
  • Easy to maintain and clean, with IGUS bearing for dusty environment.          
  • 3D models data base support available. 
Input Power: 120VAC 50/60HZ 1 (OP. 230VAC)
X/Z Travel : 15 inch / 4 inch
Max. Wood Diameter (A):  8 inch
Max. Depth Per Pass: 8mm
Bit Diameter: 6mm ( OP. 1/4 inch )
Spindle Motor: Brushless DC 500W 21,000rpm
X Axis Lead Screw: OD16mm / Pitch:10mm
Z Axis Lead Screw: OD16mm / Pitch:5mm
3 Axis Motor: Step
X/Z Axis Rail: IGUS Plastic Rail
Feed Rate X/Z: 3/1.5 M/min
Position Accuracy X/Z/A: 0.1mm/0.1mm/0.9
Standard Software : i-Picture 3D
Attaches to most syles of mini lathes
X/Z Travel: 12 inch/4 inch
Max. Wood Diameter: 10 inch
Standard Tool Cut Diameter: 2 – 10 inch
Optional Tool Cut Diameter: 0 ~ 8 inch
Max. Depth Per Pass: 8mm
Feed Rate X/Z: 1.5/3M/min
Brushless DC Spindle Motor
I-GUS Plastic Rail
1010.001 10 inch intelliCarve 3D w/Built-in Lathe  Available in 2014
1010.001S 10 inch intelliCarve 3D w/Built-in Lathe AND iPicture 3D Software  Available in 2014
1010.A001 10 inch intelliCarve 3D Attachment  Available in 2014
1010.A001S 10 inch intelliCarve 3D Attachment AND iPicture 3D Software  Available in 2014
1010.IP3D iPicture 3D Software for 1010 and 1010A


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