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Top-of-the-line mechanics tools for industrial, professional and expert automotive applications, featuring premium quality, durability, precision and innovation.

With manufacturing locations in North America, Europe and Asia, Stanley Mechanics Tools is positioned to service the needs of local markets, while meeting all applicable specifications. In addition to Stanley brand tools, Stanley also manufactures several other major tool and tool storage brands, manufactured for the industrial, automotive and do-it-yourself markets and distributed throughout the world, such as:

Stanley-Proto®. Industrial-grade mechanics tools for heavy-duty production and maintenance applications (i.e., auto manufacturing plants; steel and airplane manufacturing; chemical plants and refineries; general manufacturing, including appliances, office equipment, paper and food products; transportation; and fleet maintenance for trucking, transit and aircraft). Stanley-Proto manufactures more than 6,000 mechanics hand tools to industry specifications, ensuring precise dimensions. Stanley-Proto's global distribution network provides on-the-job tool availability anywhere in the world. You can contact Stanley Proto at 1-800-488-1985

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Warranties please call 1-800-777-2341

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