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Triangle Fans


Triangle Engineering of Arkansas, Inc. was founded in 1948, and quickly established itself as an industry leader in the manufacture of commercial, industrial, and agricultural ventilation products. In 2006 Triangle Engineering acquired Sound Fighter Fans of Shreveport, Louisiana. Sound Fighter Fans gave Triangle the additional dynamic of building custom-made heavy duty industrial fans, built by craftsmen to engineering and architectural specifications. Triangle Fans and Sound Fighter Fans are manufactured in a state of the art 300,000 square foot plant located in the central Arkansas city of Jacksonville. Our product is shipped worldwide to Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Heat Busters
The Heat Buster fans are belt driven, rugged, low-cost air movers. They are used world-wide to spot cool assembly lines, machine shops, bakeries, loading docks, laundries, gymnasiums, auto repair facilities, warehouse……..anywhere a high volume of air movement is required

general purpose fans
Triangles GPX fans are ruggedly designed for continuous operation for exhausting workshops, barns, poultry houses, greenhouses, garages or anywhere air movement is required to control condensation and reduce the amount of stagnant air. Available with 12, 16, 20, 24 and 30 inch fan blades

portable coolers
For years, the Portable Cooler, (cousin to our Heat Buster, but in the more economical direct-drive) has been the worldwide choice of many for portable spot-cooling in factories, workshops, dairies, livestock barns, aircraft hangars, homes, patios, etc.

Whole House Fans
Triangles Whole House Fans are an efficient, fast, economical way to cool your home by bringing in fresh outside air while exhausting hot stale air from your house and it’s attic

pedestal fans
Triangles pedestal fans have superior design and proven performance that provide powerful, convenient air circulation wherever it’s needed

industrial wall fans
BELT DRIVEN: Standard units from 1/3 to 5 hp (4,100 to 43,500 cfm) Extra heavy duty components and frame with durable powder coat finish in a galvanized carbon steel housing

agricutural fans
All galvanized construction for corrosion resistance in a harsh atmosphere, Galvanized welded 1 x 2 inch wire guard on each side, 36, 42, 48, or 54 inch blades, 60 Hertz, totally enclosed air over (TEAO) motors with thermal protection, Assembled, ready to install

high velocity fans
Triangles JetAire High Velocity Fans are manufactured with durable polypropylene barrels and equipped with totally enclosed motors.Available with 24 and 30 inch dia. fan blades u Ideal for industrial/commercial and Golf Course applications u Available with or without oscillation

mister kits
Use a MISTER for greater comfort! Its an economical accessory that adds more cooling to any fan, 300-100 Micron droplets, Easy to install, Disposable in-line filter, 10 to 12 gal/hr output, Connects to a standard garden hose, In-line on/off valve

panel axial fans
True Reversible Fans, 30 to 48 inch INDUSTRIAL GRADE Fans for AIR INTAKE or EXHAUST, Reversible motor, Welded construction, Standard wall housing, Standard reversible switch, Polyester powder-coat protection

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