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Baileigh MB-140 NCH Mandrel Tubing Bende

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Like all Baileigh NCH mandrel bending machines, this one can attain 1 X OD bends in various materials and sizes. The bending head is encoder controlled and can bend to 0.1 degree accuracy. To attain such tight bends a very heavy built framework has been designed into the machine coupled with powerful industrial grade hydraulics to ensure no slip of the tubing or flex of the machine, even when bending at full capacity.

This MB-140 NCH mandrel bending machine has a maximum capacity in mild steel of 5-1/2 inch OD X .220 inch wall thickness and a maximum capacity in stainless steel of 5-1/2 inch OD X .078 inch wall thickness. This is the perfect mandrel bender for semi exhausts, air intakes, play ground equipment, auto aftermarket, and much more.

Designed with quality and simplicity in mind, the MB-140 NCH mandrel bending machine has easy to use mechanical stops for the start of each bend and a powerful NC control unit. Like all NCH mandrel benders, there is a positioning devise available for the Z axis. This is very important for accuracy and cycle rates when there are more than one bend on varying planes. The NC controller can hold 20 programs with up to 10 bends per program.

Model MB-140-NCH
Mild Steel Bend Capacity (OD x Wall Thickness)
5.500 x .220 inch
Stainless Steel Bend Capacity (OD x Wall Thickness)
5.500 x .078 inch
Length Capacity
196 inch
Degree of Bend (Max)
190 deg
Bend Degree Control
Computer Numerical
Bend Accuracy
.1 deg
Minimum Internal Radius
1 x OD
Bends Per Piece (Max)
Program Quantity
Rotation Control (Plane of Bend) CN1 Models
Rotation Control (Plane of Bend) CN2 Models
Bend Positioning
Operation Electromechanical
Power Requirements
220 volt, 3 Phase

Baileigh mandrel bending machines have been designed and built to withstand decades of use at the full capacity of the machine.

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