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Baileigh Pyramid Ring Roller-3 Roll

Hydraulic Ring Roller (Roll Bender)

Tube and Pipe Roller Machines

Baileigh’s hydraulic ring roller line consists of three single pinch (double pinch are available as well) versions to choose from. Each pipe roller can be operated in the vertical or horizontal position by simply tipping the machine on its backside.

The R-H45 and R-H55 tube roller machnies have three driven rolls that get their power from an industrial grade motor whose power is transferred to a direct drive transmission. The R-M55H ring rollers direct drive transmission drives the two bottom rolls. This ring roll bender line comes standard with industrial grade hydraulics that controls the top roll position. The top roll position can be seen on the programmable DRO (digital readout). The DRO is perfect for repeatable rolls every time.

Each ring roll bender comes with a movable pendant which helps the operator during operation. This pendant houses the foot pedal controls (for initiating bend direction), the programmable DRO, and switches to control the top roll position.

Section rolls are included as standard and optional rolls are available for different profiles like round tubing and pipe. Guide rolls are standard as well for rolling on varying planes when coiling. The R-H45 and R-H55 roll bender requires three phase power. The R-M55H pipe roller requires only 220V, single phase power and has variable speed controls with inverter protection.

Our hydraulic tube roller line is typically in stock for quick shipments.

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