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Baileigh MB-35 CNC Mandrel Bender

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CNC Mandrel Bender MB-35-CNC

Made in Portugal

The Baileigh mandrel bender MB-35 CNC comes standard with three automated axis and has options to fit the machine with up to eight axis if needed. Our CNC mandrel Benders are fully automated using only the best components like Siemens PLC controls and touch screen interfaces, as well as industrial grade hydraulics. The controller can store an infinite amount of programs. The framework of the machine has been designed for rigidity and further strengthened using heavy plate steel that is electro-welded to eliminate any flex in the machine when bending at full capacity.

The Baileigh mandrel bender MB-35 CNC can bend down to 1 X OD as standard (depending on material, OD and wall thickness) and can be equipped with an industrial booster that can allow you to get down to 1/2 X OD for some applications. The bending heads position is encoder controlled allowing for repeatability of 1/10th of one degree. Not too many bending machines in the world can bend that tight with such high accuracy at an affordable price.

The three standard axis on our CNC mandrel Benders are the bending die angle (Y axis), the linear feed or start of bend (X axis), and the plane of bend position (Z axis). The various axis are automated and other optional axis like roll bending capabilities are available. Multiple bending stacks can be added up to 4 inch high as well.

This is a great production mandrel bender for hydraulic lines, furniture, HVAC and much more. For more information on the MB-35 CNC, please call a representative. We can typically engineer a mandrel bending solution in 24 hours or less.


Model MB-35-NCE
Stainless Steel Round Tube Wall 1.100 x .078 inch
Degree of Bend (Max) 190 degree
Bend Accuracy .1 degree
Operation Hydraulic
Minimum CLR 1 x OD
Motor 14.75 hp
Mild Steel Round Tube Wall 1.250 x .078 inch
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 6,160 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 216 x 35 x 56 inch


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