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Birmingham TPR 1230 (H)

  • The arm is made of high-class cast-iron. Arm slide is under strict heat-treatment and grinding
  • The bearing bracket of gear-box uses stand-ardised bearing to fit arm slide. This makes the gear-box can be operated on the arm slide smoothly
  • The high-speed gears in the gear box are made of Nickel-Chorme alloy steel and under strict heat treatment with accurate grinding
  • The 3 HP two-speed motor can provide diverse speed selection unde heavy-duty cutting
  • The main spindle is balanced by an adjustable block
  • The over-load protective devices can secure the operator against injury
  • The arm-clevating is controlled by a cross-switch and driven by Copper nut/Leading screw which can reach the ideal working height stably. Furthermore, the safety device can prevent the arm from falling due to wear of the elevating copper nut
  • The arm's gear box and column are controlled by a button switch, which provides easy tightening and looseness according to the requirement
  • Hydraulic clamp style: and electronic counter added to the arm up/down device, by set aside of the cross switch once to complete auto arm release plus the vertical up/down or up/down plus auto clamp process easy to operate, the center position of tool would be maintained after the tool change


MODEL TPR-1230 TPR-1230H  
Dia. of column 300 (11 13/16") A
Distance from column surface to spindle center, Max. 1230 (48 7/16") D+C
Distance from column surface to spindle center, Min. 340 (13 3/8") C
Travel of spindle head 890 (35") D
Distance from base surface to spindle end, Max. 1370 (54") E
Distance from base surface to spindle end, Min. 490 (19 3/8") F
Elevating height of Arm 880 (34 5/8") E-F
Effective area of table 635 x 520 x 415
(25" x 20 1/2 x 16 3/8")
Dimensions of base 1720 x 710 x 165
67 11/16" x 27 11/16" x 6 1/2")
Taper hole spindle MT #4  
Stroke of spindle 250 (9 7/8")  
R.P.M. of spindle (rpm x steps) 44 ~ 1500 x 12  
Feed of spindle (rev. x steps) 0.05,0.09,0.15 x 3
(0.002", 0.004", 0.006")
Main motor (HP) 3 (two speed motor)  
Elevating motor (HP) 1  
Clamping Motor (HP) 1  
Coolant Pump (HP) 1/8  
Machine height from floor (Max) 2780 (109 1/2") M
Net weight (approx) Kgs (lbs) 2100 (4630)  
Shipping dimensions (L x W x H) 80" x 39" x 88"  
Gross weight (approx) Kgs (lbs) 2250 (4960)  
Capacity Drilling Steel 42Ø (1 5/8")  
Cast Iron 55Ø (2 3/16")  
Tapping Steel 25Ø (1")  
Cast Iron 38Ø (1 1/2")  
Boring Steel 85Ø (3 3/8")  
Cast Iron 120Ø (4 3/4"  

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