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Alloy Chain Slings

Alloy Chain Slings

  • Use with overhead hoists, cranes and winches
  • Grade 80 alloy chain slings are suitable for harsh environments where flexibility, abrasion resistance and long life are required
  • Single or double leg slings with sling hooks, grab hooks or oblong master link for a variety of applications
  • Permanent steel capacity tag with serial number for identification purposes
  • Slings are proof-tested, certified and exceed all OSHA and ANSI B30.9 standards

CAUTION: Do not exceed working load limits. Sling capacity rating decreases as the angle from horizontal increases. Do not use at angles of less than 30° from horizontal. Read owner¹s manual for additional warnings and precautions.

Chain Sling Types

Type Description
SGG Single leg, grab hook at each end
SSS Single leg, sling hook at each end
DOS Double leg, oblong master link and sling hook at each end
SOG Single leg, oblong master link and grab hook

Stock No. Size (in) Sling Type Overall Reach (ft) Working Load Limit (lbs) Net Weight (lbs)
252901 9/32 SGG 5 3,500 5
252902 9/32 SGG 10 3,500 9
252903 9/32 SSS 5 3,500 6
252904 9/32 DOS 5 6,100 12
252905 3/8 SGG 10 7,100 17
252906 3/8 SOG 5 7,100 11
252907 3/8 SOG 10 7,100 18
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