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Edwards Oversized Pedestal Die Table

Oversize Pedestal Die Table

When a standard punch is not enough!

The Oversize Pedestal Die Table takes over where the standard assembly ends. The oversize configuration includes an oversize punch stem and nut to accommodate punch and dies from 1” to 1-9/16” round in 1/32” increments. Oversize punch and die sets (sold separately) are available in standard rounds and custom shapes and sizes. Contact Edwards for more information.

Punched holes or shapes larger than 1-9/16” require the 241 Punch Station.

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Tooling & Accessory Options

  • Angle Notcher
  • Pipe Notcher
  • Coper/Notcher
  • Multi Shear (shown)
  • Rod Shear
  • Punching Assembly
  • Oversized Punching Assembly
  • 241 Punch Assembly
  • Brake
  • Pedestal Die Table
  •  Magna Light
  • Urethane Stripper
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