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GMC BS-18A Automatic Horizontal Band Saw

gmc automatic horizontal band saw      NC Controller with touch screen

Standard Features:

  • ISO 9001 certified 
  • Fully automatic band saw with touch screen NC control (shown above) of blade speeds, convert from inch to mm, feeding times, cutting length set-up, operation mode of continue auto cycle cutting and single cut and manual cutting, manual adjustment, and cutting piece counter.
  • Swivel base for miter cut from 0-60 degree
  • Automatic clamping system
  • Automatic material infeed
  • Variable blade speeds from 52-618 fpm, driven by servo motor
  • Automatic down feed with adjustable rate
  • Automatic head raise up when cut finishes
  • Carbide blade guides for long life
  • Complete coolant system
  • Saw blade safety guards
  • Manual and automatic cycle operation modes
  • 10 ft long Infeed table with rollers
  • 10 ft long outfeed table with safety protection guard
  • Safety 24 low voltage electric controls and overload protection
  • Power source: 208V / 220V ,3 phase
  • One year industrial warranty for parts
Model BS-18A
Max. cutting capacity: round at 90 degree 13 inch
Rectangular at 90 degree 18 x 10 inch
round at 60 degree 8 inch
Rectangular at 60 degree 8 x 10 inch
round at 45 degree 12 inch
Rectangular at 45 degree 12 x 10 inch
Saw blade size 1 x 0.035 x 156 inch
1-1/4 x 0.042 x 156 inch
Blade speeds 52 - 618 fpm variable speeds
Max. length of automatic material infeed unlimited
Min. length of automatic material infeed 1/8 inch
Feeding rate 260 ft / min
Miter cut degree 0-60 degree
Blade tension adjustment hydraulic
Blade drive wheel diameter 18 inch dia x 7/8 inch width
Coolant tank capacity 4 gal
Blade drive motor 2 hp, 220V, 3 ph
Motor for hydraulic system 3 hp, 220V, 3 ph
Motor for coolant pump 1/8 hp, 220V, 3ph
Machine weight 2,350 lbs
Machine dimensions:  L x W x H 91 x 43 x 65 inch


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Mfg. item #: BS-18A
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