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JET Manual Roll Bender

MPR-10V 3 Roll Pyramid Style benderjet 2 year warranty logo



  • Heavy duty cast iron construction machined to strict tolerances with maintain tolerances and accuracy
  • Hardened rolling shafts with bronze bushings ensures the machine will last for years of operation


  • Tool less angle stop
  • Soft touch handle grips
  • With all fingers installed it can be used as a full-length nose bar, turning the machine into a straight bending brake
  • Wide assortment of finger widths allows greater versatility in the shop
  • Repeat bends are easy with a quick turn of the stop collar on the stop rod
  • Counter weights can be moved up or down to provide leverage
STOCK NO. 754430K
Model Number MPR-10HV
Type 3 Roll Pyramid Style
Operating Positions Vertical
Pipe Capacity (In./Schedule 40):
Size 1
Minimum Diameter 28
Round Tube Capacity (In.):
Size 1-1/4
Minimum Diameter 31-1/2
Square Tube Capacity (In.)
Size 1-1/4
Minimum Diameter 35
Solid Round Capacity (In.)
Size 7/8
Minimum Diameter 20
Flat Bar Easy Way (In.)
Size 2
Minimum Diameter 15-3/4
Flat Bar Hard Way (In.)
Size 3/4
Minimum Diameter 6-1/2
Angle Iron Capacity (In.)
Size 1-1/4
Minimum Diameter 30
Shaft Center Distance (In.) 1.18
Lower Roll Diameter (In.) 4.65
Pinch Single
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) (In.) 57-7/8 x 22-53/64 x 21-21/32
Net Weight (Lbs.) 408
Gross Weight (Lbs.) 435


jet 2 year warranty logo 2 YEAR WARRANTY AND SERVICE
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