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Baileigh R-H65 Ring and Angle Roll Bende


Hydraulic Roll Bender R-H65

Hydraulic Roll Bender R-H65

Made in Portugal

The R-H65 is a great way to get into a double pinch roll bender .  The R-H65 double pinch roll bender is built using the same high quality components as the rest of Baileigh Industrials double pinch roll benders.  The it has a capacity of 2 inch Schedule 40 pipe and is the perfect size for most fabrication shops.   The R-H65 is considered a double pinch roll bender since the top roll is fixed and the two bottom rolls operate on independently controlled hydraulic cylinders with encoders that communicate to the digital readout for exact positioning of each roll.  The advantages of the double pinch are that it allows for pre-bending and post-bending of material that saves production time and material waste.

The R-H65 roll bender features an extremely ridged frame made of heavy steel plate.  The plate is then electro welded for further structural strength allowing for no flex at full capacity.  A large 6.25 HP hydraulic motor that runs on 220 volt three phase power,  handles all the bending functions on this roll bender.  The Baileigh industrial R-H65 angle bending roll comes standard with a heavy duty transmission that drives all three rolls and comes standard with a set of segment rolls for doing all types of shapes and profiles.  Of course, if your job requires specialized tooling, Baileigh industrial can handle that as well.

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Model R-H65
Round Tube Capacity Size: 2.75 (.120) / Min. Dia.: 56 inch
Shaft Diameter 2.559 inch
Roll Adjustment Hydraulic
Solid Round Capacity Size: 2.375 / Min. Dia. 40 inch
Pipe Capacity Size: 2 (sch. 40) / Min. Dia.: 35 inch
Pinch Double
Square Capacity Size: 2 / Min. Dia. 46 inch
Square Tube Capacity Size: 2.75 (.157) / Min. Dia.: 118 inch
Power Requirements 220V / 3-phase
Angle Iron Capacity Size: 2 (.250) / Min. Dia.: 45 inch
Digital Readout Yes
Flat Bar Easy Way Size: 5 (.1) / Min. Dia. 24 inch
Flat Bar Hard Way Size: 4 (.787)/ Min. Dia.: 83 inch
Shipping Weight 3,550 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 60 x 60 x 68 inch
Dimensions L x W x H 60 x 60 x 68 inch
specifications subject to change without notice


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