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Jet XACTA-Lift


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  • The XACTA-Lift is uniquely designed to allow exact precision in the router bit depth that was never available before. With on full revolution of the handle you can raise or lower the bit .050"
  • The adjustment handle easily removes from the insert for a flush routing surface
  • The router bit has a full 2-1/2" of depth adjustment by turning the adjustment handle
  • All adjustments are now made from above the table
  • The router carriage rides on two 3/4" solid steel shafts to prevent any flexing or sagging and all moving parts ride on bronze bearing surfaces
  • Features a large 3-5/8" table opening for larger router bits
  • The exclusive Deluxe Fence mounts directly to the insert so the table can be added to any 27" wide tablesaw. The wood faces are adjustable right up to the router bit and are easily replaceable
  • The guard is adjustable up and down so you can position the guard directly above the router bit when in use
  • XACTA-Lift drops into the precut table insert with exact precision. These inserts allow the user to safely combine a top quality router table right in the same space as their tablesaw
  • The XACTA-Lift come standard with the exclusively designed deluxe router fence
  • Made from 11-3/4" x 14-3/4" x 1/4" heavy duty anodized aluminum to prevent damage and sagging that is seen in plastic router inserts
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708324R 27" x 16" wood extension table with router cutout
708324K 27" x 16" wood extension table with cutout, XACTA-Lift and Deluxe router fence
708306R 27" x 36" wood extension table with router cutout
708306K 27" x 36" wood extension table with router cutout, XACTA-Lift and deluxe router fence

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