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Table Saw Reviews

powermatic table saw reviews"This is a great saw. I got it because I liked it's small footprint. I was concerned that it would not cut to cabinet saw standards, so I called Powermatic. They assured me that in terms of accuracy, it would deliver everything I needed. I have several other Powermatic tools and think they're all great, so I took them at their word. I am not disappointed."

- Roland D, NC

"I looked at 13 popular 3-hp, 220v 10-in. cabinet saws. In addition to evaluating the saws for power and safety, I also tested for tabletop flatness, for runout at the arbor shaft and arbor flange, and for parallelism of the blade to the miter slot. I found that all the saws offered plenty of power, solid rip fences, smooth controls, and flat tabletops. But the Powermatic PM2000 goes even further. It has an easy-to-change riving knife and a good blade guard. The shut-off switch is especially easy to reach with the knee..."

- Kevin S, NY

"In over 30 years of woodworking I have had several very good contractor-style table saws but wanted to make the jump to a high-quality cabinet saw. To save money I wanted this to be a one-time jump. After watching several woodworking forums for new cabinet saw owners and talking to several, it became clear that the happiest folks I could find had a shiny new POWERMATIC."

- Patrick B, MN

"I have been using a Sears 8" bench top saw for the past 35 years and decided that I deserved to move up to a better machine. I have, over the years, made everything from buildings to musical instruments and toys and decided that fighting that little saw was going to get me hurt. I researched all the saws on the internet and visited the stores in the area and decided that this Powermatic 10" saw was what I really wanted. I took the chance and ordered it..."

- Anthony R, AZ

"Rugged and powerful, the Powermatic 64 10-Inch Contractor's Table Saw features a left-tilting arbor and is ideal for the contractor, crafter, or home hobbyist. Designed to meet the highest quality and performance standards in the industry, the Powermatic 64 features a cast-iron tabletop and two wings that are ground to a mirror-like finish for incredible accuracy."

- Henry B, TX

"After researching the available contractor saws and reading the reviews, I decided to go with the Poweramatic. After six months of regular use in my home shop, I've come to appreciate this saw as the best saw in this my opinion."

- Spencer V, WA

Jet Table Saw Reviews"I have been using my two JTAS-10XL Table Saws commercially for two years. They have been reliable and all major alignments stay rock solid. I check all alignments every week and very seldom have to change anything. I did have to get a better miter gauge but don't you always."

- Allen K, WI

"Having owned this JET cabinet saw since 2003 , the only regret that I've had is that I should have bought it sooner ! I saw a couple of reviewers complaining about the assembly manual , but I had no trouble at all putting my saw together , and I did it unassisted. Some people are just more mechanically inclined than others , I guess…"

- John M, FL

"For the last 2 years I'd been using a contractors saw in a shop that a friend and me shared. After building my own shop I started looking to replace a few tools and a "cabinet" grade table saw was first on my list. For a month I researched magazines, Amazon reviews, questioned woodworkers, and so on. Finally, I decided on the Jet and MAN what table saw. I drove 2 hours to pick up my JTAS-10XL..."

- Michael B, MO

"The result of my research was that the JET JWTS-10JF table saw most impressed me. I felt the JET was better built and better equipped for my present needs, and those I can foresee developing in the relevant future."

- Harry L, UT

"Excellent value for the price. The fence and cross cut slide were dead on right out of the box. The shroud around the blade, with its built in dust collection port for a shop vac hose, collects 90% of the sawdust. The belt drive is quiet and eliminates vibration."

- Jason C, FL

"There is no other saw at this price that you could even compare, I own a couple of Jet products now and wish I would of bought more a few years ago when they were cheaper."

- Brent L, MO

SawStop Table Saw Reviews"Not only is this the safest table saw on the market, it's easily the most well designed and built that I've seen. I've been researching table saws for the last year and saving my money. I was VERY impressed with the packing, and instructions. A great deal of time and effort put into the installation instructions and it shows. They went to the extra effort to make it easy for me to put together and I applaud them."

- David C, MO

"The packaging was great. The hardware and parts are so well marked, the manual so well written, you can't mess it up. It was also ready to go once everything was installed. The blade was dead plumb, the wings fit perfectly, and the fence gauge only needed the tiniest adjustment. I've never owned a full-on professional tool like this and everything was simple to understand, all parts were there, labeled and described as well as can be and the main parts ( the alignment, trunnions, and all ) were all perfect right from the factory. Usage has been fantastic. With the 3HP motor, even with the factory issued blade, it cuts the hard maple I am mostly using like wet newspaper. I can barely feel resistance against the blade. :-) Cuts are square and accurate and my girlfriend is not afraid to use it."

- Michael R, CA

"Purchased this saw to replace a cabinet saw which nearly took my left thumb off a few years ago. It was not the saw fault, it was the operator. Thought long and hard on this purchase, and figure it was cheaper to buy a new saw, then the ER bill, and I keep my fingers to boot. Just could not live with myself, if another accident occured. Love the saw, it is a wonderful piece of equipment, great assembly instructions, everything you would expect in a top of the line saw. Thanks to SawStop in advance and a lot of piece of mind."

- Tom R, CA

"The new SawStop is a true contractor's saw, with the motor hung off the back and the trunnion assembly mounted to the underside of the saw table. But unlike other contractor's saws, the arbor and blade-raising mechanism on the SawStop are completely redesigned to incorporate the brake and riving knife ."

- George W, UT

"This saw is beyond our expectations!!! The cuts it makes are so clean; we've actually used the word "beautiful". That, on top of the peace of mind; knowing no one's arm/hand will be torn to bits .... is priceless."

- Rodney J, NY

"This saw is just what I was hoping. The base is sturdy, the saw is well thought out, the motor is powerful and quiet. The packaging was strong and the setup instructions were easy to follow. I particularly appreciated the tip about changing the arbor angle to increase access to the beltway."

- Kenneth P, GA

Oliver Table Saw Reviews"I loved this puppy dead on right out of the crate, did have a problem with safety switch not reseting all the time but help was right their and a new switch in a couple days.I cant find anything to complain about or would change."

- Greg H, MN

"Many years ago I used an Oliver table saw in woodshop class. To this day it has to be the smoothest running saw I've ever used…"

- Carlos C, FL

"It’s been a great saw and will more than likely be my last. Over the years I’ve built a lot of stuff with the saw and it works as well as the day I bought it."

- Adrian F, VI

"I have a friend who collects Oliver tools and having been around him for several years, watching and helping, I would say that they are well made and will last for many generations."

- Frank S, TX

"Had an old Oliver 12". It was built like the proverbial brick s%%% house, much heavier castings than even an old powermatic. It was three phase so I had to make a rotary phase converter for it. I was very happy with it..."

- Jacob D, NC

Delta Table Saw Reviews"I own a cabinet shop where we have several saws in different brands. I am used to using quality saws and bought the new Unisaw for my shop at home. I have not been disappointed - my only regret is that I do not get out into my shop enough."

- Daniel W, CA

"I have pushed more than 15,000 board feet of lumber through a Delta saw without even a minor scratch..."

- Bruce L, WI

"I've had the 5 hp version of this saw for about a month now. Setup was a breeze- especially nice were the allen bolts added to the table wings to help level the surface. It was a nice change from having to use metal shims, etc. Setting the 0 and 45 degree stops is also easy, and accomplished from the front of the saw with an allen wrench. Table flatness was excellent, vibration and noise is low and it has plenty of power."

- William K, NY

"I'm a self taught woodworker so when it came time to buy my first big tool I read reviews, talked to shop owners and found this to be the best for the money I could find. I read that the table saw is the heart of a good shop and this has been true. I've used it to resaw cherry into 3/4 x 6 boards from 3 1/2" thick x 18" wide stock and made my wife a lovely sofa table & mirror to match. I would buy this saw again in a heart beat. Just don't be afraid to buy a great saw and a very good blade -- it's a match made in heaven."

- Ross A, SC

"I started making sawdust several years ago and purchased the Delta contractor's saw six months ago. Assembly instructions were clear and assembly and adjustments were not difficult. I was pleased with the workmanship and production tolerances. If you have a table saw and are considering upgrading, I encourage you to go ahead and do it. Once you use this saw, you will wonder why you waited so long to upgrade."

- Richard S, CO

"This is the first table saw I've bought, and I have been greatly impressed with how easy it is to produce accurate cuts with it. It takes some time to put together and set up (a few hours for me) but it is well worth the time spent. Overall, setup was not very difficult, but a little extra time spent making sure the splitter and fence line up perfectly with the saw blade pays off. Once set up, the saw works beautifully; it is easy to set the rip fence to the desired width and get a perfect cut. My first project involved ripping 1" thick cypress, and the saw went through it with no problems. The stand is designed in such a way as to act as a dust chute, funnelling the saw dust toward the rear of the machine & keeping it out of your way. The only drawback is the limitation of the rip fence to 30" to the right of the blade, but other fence systems are also available with the same saw. I definitely recommend purchasing a mobile base at the same time if you need to move it much at all. Overall, this is an excellent saw. I would definitely buy this saw again."

- Carl R, VT

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