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Nova/Super Nova Chucks & Accessories

Original Nova Chuck

  • Stock No,: 709345
  • The original 4-jaw Nova chuck. Comes standard with 50mm (2") external collets. These collets will expand into a 2" to 3" dovetail recess in the base of your turning. Insert required

Nova Chuck with 1" x 8 TPI Insert

  • Stock No. 709345K

Companion SuperNova Chuck

  • Stock No.: 709346
  • The next generation of Nova chuck from the manufacturers that revolutionized the lathe chucking system It features a nickel plated bldy that is made from K1045 machine steel for optimum stength. It's patented "Tuff Lock" gearing system delivers quick gripping power far beyond that of the orininal nova chuck. This chuck offers you extra olding strngth and stability and decreases vibration. The SuperNova only requires one hand to operate which means less effort is needed for secure tightening. Insert and jaws require. See two upgrades below.
  • SuperNova chuck; standard upgrade and 1" x 8 TPI insert. 709346K

Upgrade Kit to Standard Supernova Chuck

  • Stock No. 709347
  • Upgrades with 50mm (2") jaws to turn a wide array of bowls and spigot turnings up to 14". The Woodworkm screw gives an excellent screw center option.

Upgrade Kit to Premier SuperNova Chuck

  • Stock No.: 709348
  • Upgrades with Powergrip jaws with over 75mm (3") square or 3-1/2" round gripping capacity. They will also grip into an expandingdovetail facility of up to 120mm (4-3/4"). The Woodworm screw gives an excellent screw center option.

Nova / SuperNova Accessories

  • All Nova/SuperNova accessories are adaptable to either chuck
  • Match the thread on your lathe headstock spindle to the required chuck insert
    StockNo: 709490 1" x 8 TPI
    Stock No: 709491 3/4" x 16 TPI
    Stock No: 709492 1" x 12 TPI
    Stock No: 709493 5/8" Plain
    Stock No: 709494 7/8" x 14 TPI
    Stock No: 709510 1-1/4" x 8 TPI
    Stock No: 709511 Blank Insert

Cole Jaw Chuck Set

  • Stock No.: 709495
  • These jows are 3/8" cast aluminum and come with 8 rubber stoppers to position in any of the 8 diameter threaded holes. Position on the face of the collet bowls to finish the bottom of a bowl up to 10" in diameter. To accomodate larger bowls the stoppers may grip the inside and expand out or custom made wood plates may be applied. Not applicable on JML-1014.

Cole Jaw Fastening Spare Kit

  • Stock No. 709496
  • 8 extra rubber stops and screws

JET Lathe Accessories

25MM (1") Jaw Set

  • Stock No.: 709497
  • Use on smaller work. Grip the outside of your round stock 3/8" to 1-1/4" in diameter. 1" capacity pin chuck for expanding dovetail work or gripping square stock 1/2" to 1"

100MM 4" Jaw Set

  • Stock No.: 709500
  • Expanding dovetail jaws are designed to grip bowls up to 14" in diameter. Contracting jaws grip the bottom of up to a 3-1/2" diameter or square billets from 2-9/16" to 3-1/8"

130MM (4") Jaw Set

  • Stock No.: 709501
  • Designed to hold bowls up to 29" in diameter. These jaws will grip spigots from 4-1/4" to 5" and expand into dovetail recesses from 4-7/8" to 5-7/8"

Pin Jaws

  • Stock No.: 709507
  • Pin jaws work like traditional pin chucks. Expands into a 1" or larger hold to grip the workpiece

Chuck Jaw Fastening Set

  • Stock No,: 709498
  • 8 extra jaw fastening screws and 2 hex keys

Step Jaw Set

  • Stock No,: 709498
  • These jaws are designed to grip in the contraction mode. The step sizes provide optimum gripping for 3 bowl foot sizes. They will grip from 1-5/8" to 1-4" diameters. Outside expanding dovetail fits a recess 3" to 4" diameter to hold up the 12" diameter bowls.

Spigot Jaw Sets

  • Stock No.: 709503 - 35 mm (1-3/8")
  • Stock No.: 708504 - 45 mm (1-3/4")
  • Heavy jaw sets for heavy spigot (tenon) turning. Designed with a special serrated tooth and a 30 mm depth they really grip into your work piece. Great where long overhangs are needed or when hollowing into end grain

Premium Powergrip Jaws

  • Stock No.: 709505
  • These are AWESOME jaws!!! Best used with the SuperNova, the extra gripping power of the chuck enhances the Powergrip action. They allow you to hold stock up to 29" diameter, but has the added advantage over the 130mm jaws because they are able to hold long spigots up to 19" long

150MM (5-7/8") Index Faceplate

  • Stock No.: 709506
  • Adapts to your lathe with standard threaded inserts. Has 8 screw positions and 4 slots where screws or other holding methods can be used. Can handle workpieces up to 30" in diameter. The outer circumference is indexed with 96 positions, every 3-3/4 degrees.

Spur Center

  • Stock No.: 709508
  • This rugged 4-spur center fits snugly into either Nova chuck. Designed to be secured by standard 50mm jaws.

Vari-Jaw Set

  • Stock No.: 709509
  • This jaw enables you to adjust the center point of your turning from on center to 40 mm off center (1-1/2"). The dual action of the offset means the Vari-Jaws can produce an almost limitless range of effects.
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