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Rotary Phase Converters

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Phase Converters convert single phase power to industrial 3-phase power. Different types of phase converters exist, and they each have a certain method to achieve the conversion. Because American Rotary offers every type of phase converter available...Rotary, Digital, CNC, and can always be sure that we will recommend the method that is preferred for your specific application!

Rotary Phase Converters are a cost-effective and efficient means to start and run 3-phase motors on single phase power at 100% of their rated horsepower. Rotary phase converters can be used with heavy loads, resistive loads, multiple motor loads, multiple speed loads, and CNC equipment.

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Lifetime Warranty on AD and ADX Series Rotary Phase Converter Panels
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AI Series High Performance Industrial Grade Digital Smart Phase Converter
AI Industrial was designed specifically for the demands of industrial and agricultural applications.

ADX series smart phase converter
This SMART Series Phase Converter is designed for Inertia/friction loads such as pumps, fans, compressors, blowers, dust collectors

AD Series SMART phase converter
This SMART Series phase converter is specifically designed for CNC, VFD, rectified and any other voltage sensitive equipment

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