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Titan PowrTex 1200SF Speeflo Texture Spr

Orange Peel Splatter  

Knockdown Level 5 and Skim Coat

Great for both interior and exterior finishing projects. Lightweight and easy to transport yet powerful enough to spray most architectural coatings and texture finishes

PowrTex 1200SF

  • Sprays texture products in ready-mix or powdered formulations; spray skim coat in a level 5 finish; drywall mud in an orange peel, splatter or knockdown finish*; apply primers and finish-quality paints.
  • Heavy-duty bypass valve and submersed inlet valve fluid section uses ceramic ball valve for smooth, uninterrupted application of joint compound and other heavy bodied coatings.
  • Exclusive fluid section design eliminates the need for wearable cylinder.
  • Powered by an 2.4 hp Infinity Plus Brushless DC Motor.
  • Full variable-speed pressure control eliminates pressure fluctuations at any pressure setting.
  • Automatic speed adjustment that adapts to your tip size, allowing the pump to run slower; resulting in up to three times the packing life, reducing downtime and repair costs.
  • Comes complete with a tool box and a full-size manifold filter for airless paint spraying.
  • Complete units are equipped with S-3 Spray Gun, Splatter Nozzle, 3/8 (in) x 50' high pressure airless hose, 1/4 (in) x 5' flexible airless whip hose and two SC-6 Reversible Tips.

 *User supplied air compressor and splatter nozzle needed to spray texture finishes

Complete* 600-150
Bare 600-151
Max. Operating Pressure 3300 psi
Max.Output Electric 1.2 gpm
Max Tip Size Electric 0.034 (in)
Max. Hose Length 300'
Air Compressor Size
Air Compressor
User Supplied
Electric Motor 2.4 hp Infinity Plus Brushless DC
Weight Electric 98
Common Applications: Orange Peel, Splatter, Skim Coatings,(Level 5 Finish), Interior and Exterior Wall and Ceilings Paints, Blockfiller and Electrometric
Tips Included and Size* SC-6 Reversible Tips 427 and 531
Gun Type * S-3 w/Splatter Nozzle
Standard FluidHose ID* 3/8 (in) x 50' Airless Hose
(in) x 5' Flexible Whip

*Maximum hose length is dependent on material viscosity.
*Included with complete unit.

S-3 Gun
S-3 Gun 4-Finger (One-Hole Diffuser) 500-523
Splatter Nozzle Replacement Parts
Splatter Nozzle 765-360
0.079 (in) Air Mix Splatter Nozzle Replacement Tip 765-349
0.102 (in) Air Mix Splatter Nozzle Replacement Tip 765-350
0.312 (in) Fluid Mix Splatter Nozzle Replacement Tip 765-351
0.240 (in) Fluid Mix Splatter Nozzle Replacement Tip 765-352
0.158 (in) Fluid Mix Splatter Nozzle Replacement Tip 765-353
Hoses and Kits
3/8 (in) x 50' Fluid Hose; 3300; 3/8 (in) NPSM (FBE) 690-375-50
High Pressure Fluid Gauge Kit; 5000 PSI Max 730-397
Coolflo Hydraulic Oil
One Quart 430-362
One Gallon 430-361
Mfg. item #: 600-150
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Call for price. TIA600-151
Call for price. TIA500-523
Call for price. TIA765-360
Call for price. TIA765-349
Call for price. TIA765-350
Call for price. TIA765-351
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Call for price. TIA765-353
3/8 X 50 HOSE
Mfg. item #: 690-375-50
FREE shipping when ordered with a machine from this manufacturer.20

Call for price. TIA730-397
Mfg. item #: 430-362
FREE shipping when ordered with a machine from this manufacturer.20

Mfg. item #: 430-361
FREE shipping when ordered with a machine from this manufacturer.20

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