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   Wilton Combination Pipe and Bench Vise   s-h alt

Proudly made in the USA, the Tradesman round channel vise is designed to handle the most demanding clamping applications. Unlike most vises that have a fixed center nut the Tradesman round channel vise nut is anchored at the rear. This rear anchored nut provides straight line pull and even pressure resulting in greater durability. The round channel design also allows for a completely enclosed spindle and nut assembly. This enclosure keeps debris out and lubrication in for a lifetime of smooth operation. For ultimate versatility the Tradesman is equipped with main jaws, pipe jaws and a machined anvil work surface. The main jaws are serrated for a sure grip. The pipe jaws are grooved to prevent rotation of round stock and have a two step design to assure a firm hold on both large and small diameter material. Both the main jaws and the pipe jaws are fully replaceable. The Tradesman vise is also equipped with a swivel base with dual locking nuts. The open locking design of the Tradesman base allows for a full 360 degrees of rotation. To prevent rotation during use both the locking nuts and base have serrated edges that interact positively to assure a non-slip grip when tightened. The main base has four pre-cast holes for mounting the vise to a work surface. Each vise includes a mounting template for quick no guess hole placement for mounting.

Wilton C-Series Vises
Wilton Workhorse
Wilton Combination Pipe and Bench Vises - Swivel Base
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Wilton 2031/M3 - 206M3
Columbian Vise

Wiklton Combination Pipe and Bench Vises - Swivel Base

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Wilton 1745 - 1780A
Best Selling in the USAWilton Tradesman Combo Pipe & Bench Vise - Swival base

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   Wilton Machinist Vises   s-h alt

Machinist Industrial
Straight Line Pull

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Machinist Industrial Straight Line Pull

  Wilton Industrial Machinist Vises - Stationary Base
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Wilton ATV Truck Vise, Mechanic, Safety, Multi-Purpose, Utility and Shop Vises 

wilton atv truck vise

Fits Standard 2 Inch  Hitch

Wilton Mechanic Vises

wilton mechanic vise - swival bases

Choose From - 4" to 8"

Wilton Safety Vises

wilton high-visibility safety vises - swival vises
5" & 6" Jaw With Available

Wilton Multi-purpose wide opening jaw vise - swival
5-1/2" x 6 OR 9-3/4" Oening

Wilton Utility Vises

Wilton General Purpose vise - swival base

Choose from 4-12" to 8"

Wilton General Purpose Vises

wilton light tradesman shop vise - swival base

Choose from 4" to 8"

Wilton Super-Junior, Clamp-On, Vacuum & Wood Workers Table Vises 

Wilton General Purpose Super-Junior 2-1/2" & 4" Vises

wilton super junior vise - swival base

Wilton Light Tradesman 3" Clamp-On Vises

Wilton General Purpose clamp-on Bench vise

Wilton Vacuum Bench
2-3/4" Vise 

wilton hobbiest vacuum bench vise

Wilton WoodWorking Bench Vises & Inserts

Wilton heavy duty woodworking table vise

Wilton Super Precision Milling Machine & Drill Press Vises

Machine Vises 2" to 6"

wilton super precision 2-axis angular vise

Milling Machine VERTI-Lock  Vises 5" to 8"

Wilton VERTI-lock Vise - swival & non swival

Tool Makers 2-3/4" Steel Precision Vise

wilton super precision drill press vise

Cam Style Push-Pull Vise 3" to 8"

wilton can action drill press vises

Continuous Nut
Vises 3" to 5"

wilton versatile general purpose drill press vises

Rapid Action Nut
Vise 3-1/2" to 6"

wilton versatile general purpose drill press vises

Drill Press Vise 2-1/2" to 3"


wilton Standard drill press vise with V groove jaw

POW-A-ARM - Working Holding Support 

6 lbs Capacity

witon pow-a-arm midget no. 345

Heck VH100 bench Vise

4 inch to 7 inch Bench Vises

Heck VH101 bench Vise
4 inch to 7 inch Bench Vises With Replacable Jaws


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