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Wilton Cobra High Speed Cold Saws

Wilton's Cobra High Speed Cold Saws

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Wilton's Cobra High Speed Cold Saws are specialty designed to cut non-ferrous materials at high speeds and leave a quality, accurate tin ish. These machines are recommended for applications that require frequent cutting of non-ferrous metals, aluminum, copper and plastics. All Cobra saws have as a value added feature the ability to make both standard and compound mitering cuts. This makes the Cobra saws the perfect choice for cutting unique angles and unusual as well as standard material configurations.
For standard mitering the head swivels 450 left and right of center. The revolving table, that turns with the cutting saw head, has a
scale for easy reference, and is roller bearing mounted for fast, smooth turning. All table surfaces are machined to provide a large, steady surface for mounting of the material to be cut.

For compound mitering, the Cobra cutting head can be tilted a full 450 to the left of vertical center. The saw head turns between adjustable positive stops. A scale showing the angle of the incline is provided for easy reference and quick set-up. These machines are ideal for short run production work and for shops that do a considerable amount of utility cutting.

Air Operated Vise
On initial set-up, the operator simply uses the hand wheel to advance the movable vise jaw to within 1/16" of the work. The vise then automatically clamps the material firmly at two points when the saw head is pulled down. When the saw head is raised to the upright position, the vise automatically opens to allow the stock to be advanced. After the initial set-up, material can be indexed quickly through the saw without adjustment

Deluxe Features

  • Microprocessor control
  • Manually cuts from 0-45 degrees left and up to 45 degrees right
  • Head can be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees left
  • Regulation of the head stroke, according to the dimensions of material which has to be cut, is programmed from the control panel
  • Check panel with LEDS for machine functions are on the control panel
  • Rotating table mounted on bearing for a smooth and precise rotation
  • Fixed mechanical stops at 0 degrees and 45 degrees left and right for quick head positioning
  • Screw locking system to lock the head at any degree
  • Exhaust housing  predisposed to mount chip collector
  • Automatic mist lubricator lubricates the blade only when the machine is cutting
  • Clamping is done by two pneumatic vises which can be freely positioned along the longitudinal axis of the material
  • Movable aluminum jaws which can be adjusted vertically
  • Stock support arm with roller predisposed to mount loading table
  • Adjustable depth stop
  • Pneumatic vertical
Catalog No. Description
C350-2MA Manual Cold Saw, 2HP, 3PH, 2 Speed, 220V, Air Vise
C350-4MA Manual Cold Saw, 2HP, 3PH, 2 Speed, 440V, Air Vise
C350-2SX Semi-Auto. Cold Saw, 2HP/3HP, 3PH, 2 Speed, 220V
C350-4SX Semi-Auto. Cold Saw, 2HP/3HP, 3PH, 2 Speed, 440V
C350-2AX Automatic Cold Saw, 2HP/3HP, 3PH, 2 Speeds 220V
C350-4AX Automatic Cold Saw, 2HP/3HP, 3PH, 2 Speeds 4400V
C350-2CNC CNC Cold Saw, 2HP/3HP, 3PH, 2 Speed, 220V
C350-4CNC CNC Cold Saw, 2HP/3HP, 3PH, 2 Speed, 440V
Cutting Capacity 0 degree 4.72" round
4.13" square
7.08" x 2.75" rectangle
Cutting Capacity 45 degrees left 4.72" round
3.93" square
5.31" x 2.36" rectangle
Cutting Capacity 45 degrees right 4.33" round
3.74" square
5.31" x 2.36" rectangle
Blade dimensions 13.77" x 1.25" x .133"
Motor HP 2 low/2.95 hi
Cutting speeds 1700/3400
Weight 1,175 lbs
Vise opening 7.08" max
Remnant piece length 15"


Standard machine comes wired either 220 or 440 V, 3 phase.  Please specify voltage at time of order.  Electric panel wiring is totally identifiable, stand-by, with a loose-key safety switch.  Emergency stop is supplied as standard with the motor having a magnetic thermal overload.  Voltage at the switch is 24V.


NOTE:  All Wilton Machines are manufactured to ANSI Specifications and use Electrical Components that are manufactured to NEMA Guidelines.  If there are special electrical requirements, other than the Wilton Machinery Standard Electrical Package, at the location of equipment installation due to specific Corporate, City, County, State or other Electrical Regulations, those specifications must be defined to Wilton Machinery prior to acceptance of machine order.


Wilton offers a two (2) year limited warranty* on any mechanical components, one (1) year limited warranty on any electrical component.  Warranty items subject to Wilton inspection and approval.


*(Wilton's 2 year limited warranty is based on one 8-hour work shift or 2080 hours per year.  The warranty period is good for 2 years or a total of 4160 hours whichever comes first.)


Note:  Warranty does not apply to defects due directly or indirectly to negligence, accidents, misuse, abuse, repairs or alterations or to a lack of reasonable maintenance.

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