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Baileigh CS-475AV Cold Saw

(blade not included)

Automatic Cutoff Saw CS-475AV

Made in Taiwan

When you have a shop that is cutting stock to length all day, every day, it is time to look at the efficiency of the process.  That is where the CS-475AV automatic cutoff saw from Baileigh industrial comes in.  This fully automatic saw will save time and money over nearly any other way of cutting stock.  The CS-475AV is a column style saw that has four blade speeds; 35, 60, 70, and 120.  The options for the different speeds makes the CS-475AV a good saw for cutting many different types of metal.  This is a 90 degree cutoff caw that has a maximum capacity of 4.92 inches.

The CS-475AV features automatic material feeding, hydraulic vise clamping, and cutting.  The automatic feeding system on the CS-475AV features a touch screen interface that displays the length of cut and the current operation. The CS-475AV is extremely easy to use and has a series of user adjusted switches that determines the length of cut.  The material feed system has floating vise that is adjustable and can open to more than 5 inches.  When feeding material the CS-475AV uses a maximum of three strokes between cuts to achieve a maximum cut length of 77 inch. 

The hydraulic vise is controlled by a 3hp motor for great clamping force to ensure the material stays where it needs to be.  The blade motor is a powerful 5hp model and the whole machine runs on 220volts of three phase power.  A flood coolant system and a large operator safety guard rounds out the package.

For more information on the CS-475AV or any other Baileigh Industrial cutoff saw contact one of our representatives.


Max. Blade Diameter 17 - 16 inch standard (blade not included)
Operation Automatic
Head Miter None
Round Solid at 90 degree 3 inch
Square Tube at 90 degree 4.92 x 4.92 inch
Round Tube at 90 degree 4.92 inch
Coolant System Yes
Vice Style Single Action with Floating Feed
Max. Vice Opening 5.9 inch
Head Style Column
Arbor Size 1.26 inch
Motor 5 hp
Power Requirements 220V / 3-phase
Blade Speed Four-Speeds, 35 / 70 and 60 / 120 (rpm)
Shipping Weight 6,600 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 96 x 72 x 86 inch


Model CS-475AV
Fixed Head 90 degree
s-h alt 3 inch
s-h alt 2.5 x 2.5 inch
s-h alt 5 inch
s-h alt 5 x 5 inch
s-h alt 5 x 5 inch
s-h alt 5 x 5 inch
s-h alt 5 x 3 inch


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