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English Wheels

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English wheels are metalforming and shaping machines used by metal working craftsmen to form compound curves is sheet metal for the restoration of collectable cars, motorcycles, and airplanes. The material typically used on cars and motorcycles is mild steel, while aluminum is standard on airplanes.

The JET WH-45 5 in English Wheel rolls beads and forms mild steel up to 16 gauge. It comes stock with 10 anvils, 4 rolling wheels, a heavy duty frame, and storage brackets

 The Jet WH-45 45 in ENGLISH WHEEL
has a 2 Year warranty

  • Rolls beads and forms mild steel sheet metal up to 16 gauge
  • Rolls beads and forms aluminum and copper up top 1/8 in thick
  • Machine supplied with 10 anvils and 4 rolling wheels
  • Three sets of popular fender groove shaping wheels
  • Screw lift assembly designed for comfortability and precise pressure setup
  • Quick cam handle releases the work piece
  • Both wheels swivel 90 deg
  • Quick wheel change without using any tooling
  • Wheels supplied with sealed bearings for smooth operation
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Storage brackets for rolling and anvil wheels
  • Throat 45 in
  • Rolling wheels 6 in diameter

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