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JET Drive Centers

Mini Drive Centers
These little drive centers are perfect for any of your smaller projects. They securely hold even the smallest, most delivate turnings and will quickly become your favorites.
Stock Number Description
709981 3/8" x MT-1 Drive Center
709982 1/2" x MT-1 Drive Center
709984 1/2" x MT-2 Drive Center
Ultra Drive Centers
These centers feature a unique serrated circular ring that delivers extra holding power. The spring-loaded center allows you to position the center point into the wood blank and use the tailstock RAM to apply pressure onto the serrated ring. Because there are no sharp edges being driven into the wood, you reduce the chance of the stock splitting. Just apply enough pressure until the center grips the stock - that's all there is too it!
Stock Number Description
709988 1/2" Diameter, MT-1
709989 1/2" Diameter, MT-2
799991 1" Diameter, MT-2
Spur Centers
These Morse Taper spur centers are designed to mount directly in the lathe spindle depending on your center bore
Stock Number Description
709941 MT-1 Spur Center
709942 MT-2 Spur Center
2-Prong Drive Center
These 2-Prong Drive Centers work exceptionally well when turning naturally edged bowls. They secure themselves into the uneven surfaces often found with this type of turning blank. These centers can also be repositioned very easily. They measure 1" in diameter.
Stock Number Description
709987 1" Diameter, MT-2
4-Prong Drive Centers
These larger drive centers have a replaceable center point. The spurs are sharp so they will bite into even the hardest hardwoods. The 4-prong drive center measures 1-1/8" in diameter and works great on larger spindles needing maximum holding power.
Stock Number Description
709985 1-1/8" Diameter, MT-1
709986 1-1/8" Diameter, MT-2
Safe Drivers
The Safe Driver offers a unique design when it comes to drive centers. Unlike all other spur centers, which have teeth to grip the wood, the safe driver is like a live center with a drive point in the center and a gripping ring around teh outside. it is the pressure applied against the cetner and the wood that causes the wood to be turned. If you find the Safe Driver spinning around the wood, just apply a little more pressure from the tailstock.

This little device is also a great training tool for someone just learing to turn. The Safe Driver will teach them to have better control with their chisels, not allowing them to take too aggressive of a bite. This center is also safer because if a chisel catches a spur center it will definately damage the chisel; not so with the Safe Driver.

Stock Number Description
709935 MT-1 Safe Driver
709936 MT-2 Safe Driver
709937 MT-2 Safe Driver with 5/16" Bore
709938 MT-2 Safe Driver with 3/8" Bore
Chuck Spurs
These chuck spurs are designed to mount into a scroll or 4-jaw chuck. They allow you to do spindle work without removing the chuck from the lathe. A great time saver!
Stock Number Description
709939 1/2" chuck Spur
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