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Pen Turning Accessories

5 Piece Mini Set - Stock No.: 709163 Excellent for your smaller projects. Our very popular set of miniature tools with 3 3/4" H.S.S. blades and 6" rosewood handles with brass ferrules contains, 1/8" gouge, 1/4" gouge, 1/16" parting tool, 1/4" skew chisel and 1/4" round nose scraper. In a display box.

3 Piece Pen Turning Set - Stock No.: 709160 The oval skew, bowl gouge and parting tool are all you'll need when turning the many pen kits available. This set is ideal for pen making and other similar projects with 3-1/2" H.S.S. blade and 5-1/2" Rosewood handles. The set contains a 1/4" bowl gouge, 1/2" oval skew chisel and 1/8" parting tool.

Turning Kits - JET's kits are plated with a high tech titanium gold plating process that results in a finish that will out last all other kits on the market. Titanium has a Rockwell hardness of 85 and provides an extremely hard & durable finish for our gold plating. This gold finish will last a lifetime.

Twist Pen Kit 709010
Plunger Type Pencil Kit 709011
Mont Blanc Style Pen Kit 709015
Mont Blanc Style Letter Opener 709013

24K Gold Plated Kits - These JET kits are plated with a very durable 24K gold plating. This finish will outlast most other gold finishes available and at an economical price.

Ball Point Pen Kit 709004
Pencil Kit 709005
Mont Blanc Pen Kit 709006
Mont Blanc Letter Opener 709007

Wood Blanks - Stock No: 709024 Exotic hardwoods for all pen/pencil kits (5 pieces)

HUT Finish - Stock No.: 709019 - The newest polishing system designed specifically for pen makers. 2 step finish process.

7mm Mandrel - Stock No: 709014 - For all 7 mm kits. Comes standard with pen/pencil bushings and step bushings needed for the Mont Blanc style kits. MT #2

Extra Bushings - Replace your worn or lost bushings with these. 12 Standard 7mm mandrel bushings Stock No.: 709022 Extra set of Mont Blanc style bushings Stock No.: 709023

Glue - Stock No: 709020 - 1oz. Industrial cyanoacrylate adhesive adheres: wood, metal, plastic, corian and more. Our thick formula will fill gaps, is great for fixing cracks in wood blanks and dries in seconds

Drill Bit - 7mm Ultra Speed Twist Bit Stock No: 709021 - Made of high speed steel

"Pens from the Wood Lathe Book" - Stock No: 709123 - Written by Dick Sing who will give you many creative and innovative ideas for all your lathe turning projects

Double Slot Display Boxes Walnut - - Stock No: - Stock No:

Walnut 709017
Maple 709016
Bubinga 709018

Complete pen turning kit includes: Stock No: 708350

2 709004 24K gold pen kits
2 709005 24K gold pencil kits
1 709006 Mont blanc style pen kit
1 709007 Mont blac letter opener
1 709014 Pen mandrel
1 709021 7mm drill kit
1 709019 Hut wax
1 709020 Pen glue
1 709024 5 wood blanks
1 709123 Pen turning book
1 709134T 3/8" gouge
1 709139T 1/2" skew
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