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Oliver Membrane Press

The Oliver 8015 Membrane Press is capable of bonding PET, PVC, Thermo-Transfer foil and other films to MDF, PB, steel, aluminum, wood, plastic or others.  Virtually any combination is possible.  A user friendly control panel allows the operator to easily adjust temperature, pressure and time values.  Dependable U-type heating coils nestled evenly throughout the chamber quickly ensure stable and even temperatures across the entire membrane thereby guaranteeing quality results every time.  To further speed up the heating time, the air holding tank has been installed inside the machine close to the heating coils to utilize the ambient temperature to pre-heat the air. The 8015 press utilizes two 4 x 8 foot PLC controlled working tables to speed up production time so while one is being loaded the other is simultaneously being pressed.  In true Oliver fashion, a new-patented toggle type design is the mechanism used to raise and lower the tables into position.  This system is easily capable of standing the high pressures which have traditionally been a problem for the older and expensive to repair hydraulic type systems.


  • A 1.5 Kw vacuum pump works with the membrane to ensure contour adhesion to even the biggest and most deeply profiled projects.
  • State of the art inverter and PLC system control the table speed and movements. A well designed control panel with off the shelf parts facilitate quick trouble shooting and repair if needed.
  • Integrated air tank system employs exhaust mufflers for a clean, quiet & safe workplace.
  • Fully functional control panel is mounted on a swing arm for convenience. The controller can memorize up to 99 settings.
  • Patented toggle table lift design eliminates expensive hydraulic repairs.
  • Massive construction guarantees longevity and the ability to withstand the high pressures.
  • The tables enter and exit on the same side of the machine saving valuable space. Load one while the other is being processed to increase production. Tables can be set to run


Model No. 8015
Table Internal Length 50 x 102.36 inch
Table External Length 53.15 x 105.5 inch
Working Height 3.15 inch
Working Table Auto Two Table
Motors of the Working Table 0.4 Kw x 2
Installation of the Toggle 4 Units
Hydraulic Pump 15 HP
Hydraulic Cylinder 80 mm Dia. x 2 Units
Capacity of the Heater 37 Kw
Vacuum Pump 1.5 Kw
Weight of the Tables 1.5 Ton
Dimensions 230.32 x 88.58 x 76.77 inch
Weight of Machine 9 Tons


8015.001 Membrane Press
8015.001APLATE Membrane Press Silicone Plate

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