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Wyco BD Series Pneumatic Concrete Vibrat

Pneumatic Concrete Vibrator - Service Manual (PDF)

The BD Pneumatic Concrete Vibrator series utilizes a built-in pneumatically driven motor which has only two moving parts, the vane and rotor. Compressed air is supplied to the vibrator through the air valve and inner hose. Air flow into the rotor, passes through the passage ways in the vane, back through the air gap on the rotor and outer holes in the rear flange. This activates the rotor and the vibrator begins to vibrate. 


  • Includes twist grip throttle for variable air flow
  • Easy to handle
  • Provides quiet, smooth operation
  • Available in four sizes from 1-1/2" through 3"
  • Hose length can be customized for most any application
  • Quick disconnect integrated into hose connectors
  • Optional strainer and oiler remove contaminates and assures proper head lubrication
Model BD35 BD55
Head Dia inch (mm) 1.42 (36) 2.20 (56)
Head Lenght inch (mm) 10.51 (267) 13.54 (344)
Head Wt lbs (kg) 3.3 (1.5) 9.9 (4.5)
Amplitude (total at tip) inch (mm) .027 (.69) .037 (.94)
Frequency (max at 85 psi vpm) 17,600 17,700
Centrifugal force (max at 85 psi) lbs kg 441 (200) 1484 (675)
Air consuption (max at 85 psi cfm) 27 54
W231210 1-1/2 inch Head, 10ft Hose
W231410 2-3/8 inch Head, 10ft Hose


1-1/2 HEAD, 10FT HOSE
Mfg. item #: W231210
"Ships by UPS, see freight calculator at checkout."2

2-3/8 HEAD, 10FT HOSE
Mfg. item #: W231410
"Ships by UPS, see freight calculator at checkout."2

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