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Conquest CM-01WS Tool Sharpener

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SPIRAL ROUTER BIT SHARPENING RIGHT OUT OF the box.  Everything to sharpen your standard woodworking tooling and spiral router bits, compression, up shear, down shear, combinations, straight bits and more.  Machine comes with air bearing fixture for free flow travel when sharpening your tools, sturdy cabinet base, 5" cup, 500 grit diamond grinding wheel, collets to hold your tools, work light and filter.  All attachments and accessories interchangeable.  Machine comes in inch or metric

Machine Includes

  • Air bearing fixture with swivel base and index collar

  • Dual positioning pneumatic finger

  • 5" cup, 500 grit diamond grinding wheel

  • 7-piece collet set

  • Cabinet base

  • 5" cup, 60 grit aluminum oxide wheel

  • Work area lighting

  • Air filter


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