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Edwards Optional Tooling Descriptions

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Brake Tooling
EDW1033, EDW1034, EDW1034-65, EDW1035, EDW055-56, EDW065-56
Brackets, frames, pans and tanks are just a few of the applications appropriate for brake tooling. Available in 7", 8", 10" and 12" lengths (length varies by machine), brake tooling includes a standard "punch" and a 4-way die that allows for 1/16", 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" material to be broke to a 90 degree angle. The bottom brake die is held with brackets that easily bolt to the mounting table. Precision, repeatable bending is achievable with the combination of brake tooling and Edwards electric stroke control option.


Multi Shear
Cut solid rods, squares, angle and bar-stock with one tool!
The Multi Shear is perfect for the ornamental iron shop where a clean cut is required on a variety of standard sized solid round rod-stock and up to 13/16" square stock. The multi-shear also makes quick work of small angle iron up to 2" x 2" x 1/4" and bar-stock up to 1/4" x 6"


Pedestal Die Table
EDW0895-00, EDW0895-01
Working structural steel?
The Pedestal Die Table is used as an alternative to the standard or oversize die table and allows for the punching of 2" x 2" x 1/4" steel angle, channel or beam sections. Section flanges and web surfaces may be punched in standard or oversize format. Contact Edwards for Pedestal Die Table sizing and fabrication applications.


Coper Notcher
EDW1014, EDW50-340-00, EDW1015, EDW1098
Need to trim a little here, a little there?
Coper Notcher tooling, also known as a nibbler, allows for a small nibble or a large sized bite to be taken out of plate, barstock or angle (size varies by machine). This tooling is indispensable for one-off or custom work where no two cuts are the same.


Oversize Punch
When a standard punch is not enough.
Commonly used in heavy industry, the Oversize Punch assembly takes over where the standard assembly ends. The oversize assembly includes oversize punch stem, nut, and oversize die table which accommodates punch and dies from 1" to 1- 9/16" round in 1/32" increments. Oversize punch and die sets (sold separately) are available in standard rounds and custom shapes and sizes. Contact Edwards for more information.
Punched holes or shapes larger than 1-9/16" require 241 Tooling


241 Tooling
If you need a big hole, 241 is your tooling solution.
241 Tooling accommodates punch and dies in standard rounds or custom shapes from 1-9/16" through 4". We have seen 241 Tooling used to punch access holes and slots in heavy, structural steel beams as well as finished patterned holes in aluminum trailer frames for the installation of LED lighting.

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Urethane Stripper
Keep your light-gauge material flat!
The Urethane Stripper accessory is designed to maintain the flatness of material being punched by keeping constant pressure on light gauge material through the punch and strip cycle.

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Pipe Notcher
EDW0925-00, EDW1044, EDW1045, EDW1046, EDW1047, EDW1048, EDW1049

Build pipe railing, motorcycle or car frames?
Pipe Notcher tooling eliminates the cutting and grinding required for your saddle joint connections in schedule-40 pipe. Simply insert your mild-steel or aluminum pipe into the bump-die housing, activate the machine and cut a perfect saddle without any additional finishing work. Available with dies to notch 1/2" to 2", the Pipe Notcher will cut hours from your fabrication and assembly time.


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Magnetic Squaring Arm
Never do the same job twice?
The 2" x 12" Magnetic Squaring Arm will attach to any steel surface with 40# pull strength per inch making this tool the most flexible material guide available. Position the guide to the feed table and slide your material against the heavy duty stainless steel casing for perfect cuts every time. To release the magnet for repositioning, simply rotate the threaded stud to break the magnetic bond.

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Similar to the Coper Notcher in function but dedicated to the angle iron frame industry, the Vee-Notcher tooling takes a precise 92 degree notch from the bottom leg of angle up to 3" x 3" x 1/4" profiles. Once cut, the uncut top leg profile is placed in brake tooling for a precise 90 degree bend to create an angle iron frame. This tooling is widely used in fabrication shops that create sub-frame assemblies for other industries.

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Back Gauge
Fitted to the back of the Ironworker, the 48" back gauge accessory provides an adjustable stop for the angle and bar shear stations of your Edwards Ironworker. The sturdy construction and positive attachment to the machine frame ensures accurate, repeatable cuts for your production jobs.

s-h alt Gauging Table Kit 
Need a helping hand?
Available in custom formats, the 3/8" x 12" x 16" punch Gauging Table Kit takes the guess work out of making precise, repeatable standard or oversized holes. The table bolts to late model standard or oversize Pedestal Die Tables and includes one short and one long movable guide fence. Movable guide fences clamp down to the table surface with heavy duty hardware to direct your material to the exact punch location every time.
s-h alt Heavy Duty Gauging Table Kit
Need a heavy duty helping hand?
Available in oversize, the 1" x 12" x 16" punch Heavy Duty Gauging table accessory takes the guess work out of making precise, repeatable standard or oversize holes. Movable guide fences clamp down to the table surface with heavy duty hardware to direct your material to the exact punch location every time. Kit includes heavy duty table, mounting plate, hardware and one short and one long movable guide fence.
s-h alt Fabricator's Protractor
A useful tool for any fabricator, the heavy duty Fabricator's Protractor guides your work to the shear or punch stations through 180 degrees. Gauged at 15 degree increments with an additional designation of 22.5 degrees, the protractor features a long leg, reversible design to accommodate both right and left hand operators.
s-h alt 48" Auto Cut  Production cutting for repeatable lengths!
Use this "plug-and-play" accessory when production cutting long lengths of material to repeatable lengths. This accessory is compatible with late model Edwards Ironworkers and features a rugged solid-steel housing, guarding snoot, 1" x 48" machined back-gauge stock, electrical cording and adjustable, electrical tiebacks. Installs in minutes with simple instructions
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