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GMC Machine Tools Corp. Black Friday

GMC black friday 2023


GMC Machine Tools has been serving the manufacturing industry since 1999.

The president and founder of GMC machine Tools has over 32 years of industry experience working directly industry.


GMC Machine Tools specializes in fabrication machinery with over 60 different models of Taiwan Quality Machines, such as hydraulic box and pan brake  , CNC press brakes , CNC folders, Hydraulic plate rolls, Powered plate Rolls, Hydraulic shears, Powered mechanical shears, Roll Benders, HAVC Pittsburgh Locking Forming Machines, In additional GMC has a full line of manual lathes designed to work well with all different applications to meet specific Industries needs.


GMC Machine Tools has designed many of our best selling and performing machines right here in the USA and has exclusive relationships with many of the tops factories from around the world to ensure your company will get many years of productivity from our equipment.


We operate from our 15,000 square facility in Ontario California, we have over 300 machines in stock at any given time to ensure short lead times and quick deliveries.


We have in house factory tech support , and offer a large compliment of parts if ever needed.


All our machines are warrantied by our factory 1 year parts warranty, We sell our machinery through a national distributor network.

We look forward to working with you and being of service

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