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ICS PowerGrit Utility Chain

Durable, High Performance for the Construction Site

Total Slurry Solutions (TSS) is a line of products designed to make your job easier and cleaner.

The TSS product line provides an easy way to contain and dispose of the slurry produced when wet-sawing or drilling in concrete or other masonry or stone material.

Tailored specifically for use on concrete slurry, the high-performance vacuum systems in the TSS product line provide the power and durability necessary to deal with the harsh environment and demands of the construction job site. When used as a complete system along with an ICS 853 Pro Series saw, the amount of slurry captured in the tank is 70 percent of the water input. TSS vacuum systems are versatile enough for any job site clean-up project and are suitable for both wet and dry applications.

The TSS product line includes a choice of two Hi-Lift Performance vacuum systems. With 105-inches of water lift, these systems provide all the power you need to keep the job clean.

The TSS-15 Hi-Lift Performance Vac consists of an extremely durable electric powerhead mounted on a super heavy-duty polyethylene tank that won't dent or corrode. The air used to cool the electric motor comes from outside the tank so slurry and concrete dust won't impair the cooling capacity. Large, heavy-duty rear wheels and extra-wide, heavy-duty front casters along with a high-rise rear handle make it easy to move your TSS-15 around on the job site. An oversize boat-plug style, T-bar drain plug that's tethered to the tank makes emptying and cleaning the TSS-15 fast and easy. The 1.5 inch diameter drain hole will empty the 15 gallon tank in just 40 seconds.

For those bigger jobs, ICS offers the TSS-55 Hi-Lift Performance Vac that allows you to use just about any 55-gallon drum as your slurry tank. The TSS-55 is specially designed to fit and seal on the top of a standard 55-gallon drum without the use of any external fasteners or modification to the drum. Take your own drum and drum dolly, set the TSS-55 on top and you're ready to go.

Both the TSS-15 and TSS-55 come with 15 feet of heavy duty, professional grade vacuum hose.

TSS 15/55

  • Hi-Lift, 105 inches of water-lift
  • Using TSS Vac-Attachment 70 percent overall water is contained
  • 2 HP bypass motor
  • 112 cfm
  • 110 v/60 hz
  • 11.7 amps/1365 watts
  • 25 ft of 16/3 electric cord
  • 15 ft crush-proof hose with swivel cuff
  • Float assembly with automatic shut off
  • Washable cloth filter bag
  • Suitable for wet or dry applications


  • Polyethylene tank, won’t dent or corrode, easy to clean (actual fill capacity 15 gallons)
  • Heavy duty T-bar drain plug, with 1.5 inch drain hole
  • Extra wide front casters and steel ball bearing rear wheels
  • Optional accessories available
  • Wand and squeegee head
  • Floor mount squeegee


  • Mounts easily to standard drum (up to 55 gallons) without fasteners
  • Shipping weight 41 lbs.
  • Optional accessories available
Category Material Description
TSS 73843 TSS 1.5” X 1.25” Saw Coupler
TSS 73855 TSS 14” Dual Blade Squeegee Head  
TSS 73854 TSS Aluminum Wand
TSS 73860 TSS Crush-Proof Vacuum Hose
TSS 73863 TSS Drum Adaptor
TSS 73852 TSS Front Mount 30” Floor Squeegee
TSS 73857 TSS Vac-Attachment Kit
TSS 73862 TSS-15 Hi-Lift Performance Vacuum (Inc: 15' Hose)
TSS 71285 TSS-55 (fits standard drum w/ 15' hose)
TSS 73847 TSS-15 Front Wheel and Caster
TSS 73851 TSS-15 Rear 8” Wheel
TSS 73844 TSS 1.5" Connector
TSS 73845 TSS 1.5” Swivel Cuff Coupler
TSS 73856 TSS 14” Squeegee Blades (4-pack)
TSS 71846 TSS Drum Adaptor Gasket
TSS 71737 TSS Dry Vacuum System (Inc: Filter & Dry Vacuum Bags)
TSS 73849 TSS Filter Bag Hoop
TSS 73850 TSS Float Cage Assembly
TSS 73846 TSS Foam Filter
TSS 71948 TSS Foam Float & Bolt
TSS 522964 TSS Foam Float & Bolt Kit
TSS 71496 TSS Motor Gasket
TSS 73840 TSS Motor Replacement Kit
TSS 71850 TSS Motor-Tank Gasket
TSS 73848 TSS On/Off Switch
TSS 71848 TSS Replacement Dry Vacuum Bags (6)
TSS 518713 TSS Replacement Head
TSS 71847 TSS Replacement Tank
TSS 73842 TSS T-Bar Drain Plug
TSS 73853 TSS Washable Cloth Filter Bag
TSS 537751 TSS Elbow Deflector Kit
TSS 507829 TSS Tank Intake

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