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Larick Model 410 Shaper / Sander


Model 540 CNC Shaper

Model 540 CNC Shaper

Larick's new CNC controlled Model 540 shaper is based on the Model 390 - a proven, reliable workhorse for over 10 years. The 540 was designed to machine arched panels and rails for cabinet doors without templates, sorting, or measuring. The operator simply selects a style and operation, then feed parts into the machine. The 540 measures the part, stretches that pattern to that width, and cuts the arch as the part travels through the machine on a conveyor. As one part is traveling through, another can be fed, keeping a short gap between parts. This 'through-feed' concept makes high production with a small footprint possible. Up to 450 parts per hour are possible, based on an average width of 12 inches. Many variations of the most popular styles are standard, and adjustments for cutter diameters, panel/rail width differences, tongue depths, and other parameters are set for each style. And, a conventional or a climb cut can be used for either hogging or profiling, helping eliminate split rails and scrapped parts. In 'manual mode', the 540 functions like the Model 390, allowing normal shaper operations.

Larick's 540 is a feed through shaper with CNC controls which will machine arches into panels and rails with no sorting or template selection. To machine these parts, the operator selects the style of arch, then the operation. As parts are then fed into the machine, they are measured, the pattern is adjusted to fit the part width, and the shaper spindle moves to cut the arch as the panel or rail is fed through. Additional parts can be fed with only a 3 inch gap between them. As each part is measured, the pattern is adjusted, so no sorting is required. This 'feed through' process results in very high production. The machine is compact, and does not require rear access, so valuable shop space is conserved.

Styles of arches can be customized for each customer. Many variables can be changed to allow for different cutter diameters, arch heights, arch styles, and more.

The Model 540 also functions as a shaper for straight parts. Unlike conventional shapers with power feeders,the 6 inch wide conveyor with four rows of holddown tires transports parts past the shaper resulting in straight edges with no 'sniped' ends. Digital position indicators show both the vertical and horizontal shaper position, so making tooling changes is fast. Just remove one cutter, move to the new position, and install the new cutter. Most changeovers take less than two minutes.

Larick 540 CNC Shaper
 Spaper Motor:  7.5hp 208-230v 3ph
 Shaper Speed:  4000 to 7000 rpm
 Spindle Size:  1 1/4"
 Feed Speed:  Variable to 30 fpm
 Conveyor:  6" wide
 Max. Part Thickness:  2"
 Floor Space:  55"w X 38"d


Dear Woodworkers,

Before establishing Larick Machinery, Inc. in 1988, I was an engineer for a medium sized cabinet company.  We had recently discovered a stretchable abrasive for profile sanding wheels which, to our surprise, WORKED!!  We knew there were thousands of others who could also benefit from this profile sanding system, so we designed a profile sander with every feature WE wanted if WE were setting it up and using it every day.  The result is the MODEL 360. It has a tilting spindle with a scale, variable speed, vertical AND horizontal adjustment--unique to Larick in this price range--which is one of its most beneficial features. It allows use of a simple, fixed fence for the initial setup, and provides the operator with a means of adjusting sanding pressure or compensating for wheel wear by simply turning a handwheel.

Larick's value priced MODEL 120 profile sander features variable speed and vertical adjustment. It is ideal for sanding arched or straight raised panels and for applications not requiring a tilting spindle. A fence is optional.

The MODEL 410 SHAPER/SANDER, introduced in 1995, has a six inch wide feed chain with four rows of hold down tires for exceptional part stability, one shaper station and two counter-rotating profile sanding stations with forward and reverse tilt. Digital readouts on sander and shaper positions allow rapid profile changes.  Optional floating shaping and sanding stations give the "410" the ability to shape and sand pre-arched raised panels! Larick has been the innovative leader in Shaper/Sanders: the first to shape and sand arched panels; the first with a wide feed conveyor; the first with standard variable speed shaper, sanders, and feed; the first to use a chipbreaker fence, and many other features.

Larick also manufactures custom profiled sanding wheels to use on either our sanders or others.  We use a patented, stretchable, velcro backed abrasive which conforms to a profile as it is stretched around a formed wheel.  Available grits are 100, 120, 150, and 180. Our sanding wheels combine aggressive sanding with low cost to give exceptional value!

Great news for you is that labor savings alone can pay for a machine and, as a bonus, quality and consistency will improve significantly. A demonstration video showing features, setup, operation, and results is available. I feel we have developed the most versatile, user friendly profile sanders on the market at very competitive prices. Thank you for your time and interest in our products. We look forward to serving you in the near future.

Larry Schwarz, President


Model 540 CNC SHAPER,
540 Model 540 CNC SHAPER, 208-230V,3PH,50-60HZ,w/Stack Spindle, S/Nxx  ** Still Manufactured Fort Collins, Co


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