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Larick Model 6000 Profile Sander


Model 6000 Profile Sander


Model 6000 Series Profile Sander

The LARICK 6000 Series machine will brush sand and/or wire brush parts with standard widths from 25 to 73 inches. It has 1 to 6 spindles which will accommodate sanding or wire brushes up to 14 inch diameter. It has a fixed height conveyor and accommodates parts up to 9 inches thick.

Model 220 Profile Sander Specifications
Spindle Motors:

2, 3, 5, 7.5 or 10HP

Standard motor is 2 HP/ spindle

 Voltage: 208-240V
575V 3ph
 Variable Speed:  AC Inverter 100-900 rpm
 Arbor:  1.25 inch Dia
Conveyor  5-40 ft/min
Opening Height  Up. to 9 inch


Dear Woodworkers,

Before establishing Larick Machinery, Inc. in 1988, I was an engineer for a medium sized cabinet company.  We had recently discovered a stretchable abrasive for profile sanding wheels which, to our surprise, WORKED!!  We knew there were thousands of others who could also benefit from this profile sanding system, so we designed a profile sander with every feature WE wanted if WE were setting it up and using it every day.  The result is the MODEL 360. It has a tilting spindle with a scale, variable speed, vertical AND horizontal adjustment--unique to Larick in this price range--which is one of its most beneficial features. It allows use of a simple, fixed fence for the initial setup, and provides the operator with a means of adjusting sanding pressure or compensating for wheel wear by simply turning a handwheel.

Larick's value priced MODEL 120 profile sander features variable speed and vertical adjustment. It is ideal for sanding arched or straight raised panels and for applications not requiring a tilting spindle. A fence is optional.

Larick also manufactures custom profiled sanding wheels to use on either our sanders or others.  We use a patented, stretchable, velcro backed abrasive which conforms to a profile as it is stretched around a formed wheel.  Available grits are 100, 120, 150, and 180. Our sanding wheels combine aggressive sanding with low cost to give exceptional value!

Great news for you is that labor savings alone can pay for a machine and, as a bonus, quality and consistency will improve significantly. A demonstration video showing features, setup, operation, and results is available. I feel we have developed the most versatile, user friendly profile sanders on the market at very competitive prices. Thank you for your time and interest in our products. We look forward to serving you in the near future.

Larry Schwarz, President,
Larick Machinery

6122 LARICK MODEL 6122 Machine..1 spindle, 25" wide, 208/240 Volt with 2 HP spindle motor,
6222 LARICK MODEL 6222 Machine..2 spindle, 25" wide, 208/240 Volt with (2) 2 HP spindle motors,
6322 LARICK MODEL 6322 Machine..3 spindle, 25" wide, 208/240 Volt with (3) 2 HP spindle motors,
6342 LARICK MODEL 6342 Machine..3 spindle, 49" wide, 208/240 Volt with (3) 2 HP spindle motors,
6352 Larick Model 6352, 3 Top Heads, 63 inch Wide, 208-240 Volt 3 Phase, 2HP motors standard,
V** 25" long strip of velcro; **specify width** $3.50 per inch of width
OR O-RING, **specify diameter**
VD 8 Inch Disc of Stretchable Velcro
5J*** Rub Collar, 3.25" OD, **specify bore**: (3/4", 1", or 1-1/4")
6J*** Rub Collar, 4 inch OD, **specify bore**: (3/4", 1", or 1-1/4")
RV Re-Velcro Sanding Wheel
AS100 P100 Stretch Abrasive Sheet
AS120 P120 Sheet of Stretch Abrasive
AS150 P150 Stretch Abrasive Sheets
AS180 P180 Sheet of Stretch Abrasive
AS240 P240 Sheet of Stretchable Abrasive
AS80 P80 Stretch Abrasive Sheet
VS 25x36 sheet stretchable velcro
RP Re-Profile Sanding Wheel
PSW1 Raised Panel Sanding Whl,3/4 bore..3.25" rub collar,
PSW2 Raised Panel Sanding Wheel, 1.00 Bore..3.25" rub collar
PSW3 Raised Panel Sanding Wheel 1.25 Bore..3.25" rub collar
SW1 Profile Sanding Wheel, 3/4 bore.. Tilt;
SW2 Profile Sanding Wheel, 1in bore.. tilt;
SW3 Profile Sanding Wheel, 1.25 bore.. tilt;
390JIG Feed Through Centering Jig Without Templates


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